How do the frameless glass doors function?

Glass doors work on a pivot system rather than a conventional wall mounted hinge. Our frameless glass door systems consist of a floor mounted hydraulic hinge for glass doors  which is fixed on a floor mounted plate. Please note with this system there is no need to make a hole in your floor as with some glass door systems. The floor spring controls the opening and closing motion of the door, and allows the door to be held open at 90 degrees both sides.  Please note that it is very important to use a floor spring to control the opening and closing of glass door as without this the glass door could swing uncontrollably or slam shut causing damage or breakage to the glass door. Two metal patches are fixed to the glass door in each corner. The bottom metal patch allows the glass door to be slotted directly onto the floor mounting plate ; the top metal patch attaches directly to the door pivot point and is fixed into the U-channel or directly into the ceiling.

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