Give your Property a Modern Look with a Durable & Minimalistic Glass Balustrade

Decking Glass Balustrades | 20 June 2020 Now that so many of us are spending more and more time outdoors in our own homes, it’s the perfect time to start making your garden space perfect for you. Adding a balustrade to your decking area can drastically change the dynamic of your garden design for all […]

Why Choose Glass Office Partitions for your Workspace?

Glass Partitions London | 13 June 2020 Beautiful frameless glass design installs quickly and is easy to reconfigure. Base trim remains flush with the floor because glass is leveled inside the base channel. Vertical fillers offer a clean aesthetic by eliminating the need for caulk. Our fully glazed frameless partitioning systems combine design aesthetics with […]

Glass Desk Protection Screens : Covid-19 Workplace Considerations

Glass Desk Protection Screens  | 6 June 2020 The workplace your business returns to will look and feel different to the one you left, but it should  still support your culture, creativity and productivity by providing a positive and tailored environment to support new ways of working and evolving business needs. The following are some […]

Glass Partitions – Create a Space You Will Love

Glass Partitions London | 1 June 2020 In modern commercial offices, especially cities like London, square footage and space is at a premium. The cost of expansion is high and the inconvenience of moving is huge. For many, business interruption is too great a risk and thus, any relocation becomes a non-starter. Glass has several […]

Decking Glass Balustrades that add Elegance to the Garden

Decking Glass Balustrades London | 20 May 2020 Partitions and fencing not only helps secure your property, it also acts as a key design element when planning your new garden landscape. Partitions and fencing comes in a range or styles and materials offering privacy, while also helping define different areas of your garden. Traditional garden […]

Slide Your Way to a Whole New Space with Glass Room Dividers

Glass Partitions London | 21 February 2020 We’re used to the idea of glass sliding doors creating a barrier between outside and in. They’re great for keeping out inclement weather while providing a clear view to the garden and letting in the maximum amount of natural light. So, for similar reasons, it makes perfect sense […]

Glass Partitions are Perfect for Creating Cozy & Practical Living Spaces

Glass Partitions London | 14 February 2020 Designing glass partitions can transform living spaces whilst maintaining a light and airy modern feeling. Sleeping and living areas can be separated, a dark kitchen opened up, a home office created or a large space divided up inside a barn. In new buildings, the head and floor track […]

Crittall Style Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions London | 7 February 2020 Creating a seamless transition between inside and out, can be achieved by opening-up residential space. Bright, beautifully crafted walls of glazing can reflect the timeless style of a period house, adeptly define spaces in a office, hotel or restaurant. Very much now on-trend with interior design screens, open […]

Freestanding Glass Partitions: Divide Spaces, Improve Privacy or Create Meeting Areas

Glass Partitions London | 1 February 2020 Free standing glass partitions act as a glass cubicle, making it easy to divide office sections without taking up the entire vertical space. Free standing glass partition systems offer the utmost versatility in creating and customising rooms. These systems stand independently in combination with stainless steel components and […]