Internal Glass Partitions & Dividers for Your Home

Glass Partitions London | 30 September 2020 This year, glass partitions are continuing to be very popular for zoning space in studio apartments. They allow you to maximize the efficiency of the living space. With their help, you can separate kitchen, eating area, wardrobe, bedroom, home office, living room and even shower, and bathroom. As […]

Made to Measure Decking Glass Balustrades for the Garden

Decking Glass Balustrades London | 23 September 2020 Achieve structure and multiple levels in the garden with glass walls and glass balustrades without interrupting views or interfering with the aesthetics of the planting. Glass garden partitions are excellent for zoning and creating boundaries which blend harmoniously into the areas of sunshine and greenery, light and […]

Beautiful Bespoke Sliding Glass Doors Made To Size

Glass Partitions London | 11 September 2020 Beautiful frameless glass design installs quickly and is easy to reconfigure. Base trim remains flush with the floor because glass is leveled inside the base channel. Vertical fillers offer a clean aesthetic by eliminating the need for caulk. Our fully glazed frameless partitioning systems combine design aesthetics with […]

Beautiful Bespoke Sliding Glass Doors Made To Size

Internal Glass Sliding Doors | 4 September 2020 From glass and acoustic operable walls, windows and door systems to architectural drains and aluminium louvres, glass partitions effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Switchable glass panels can also offer the perfect balance between office transparency and privacy while promoting natural light in a space. Other design solutions […]

Internal Glass Sliding Doors – Upgrade Your Living Space

Internal Glass Sliding Doors | 30 August 2020 Sliding doors provide many benefits and functional advantages to living spaces. For many of us, when it comes to buying a home or renovating a room, the amount of natural light it receives is one of the most important factors. Based on this alone, it determines the […]

Glass Sliding Doors – Showers & Wet Rooms

Internal Glass Sliding Doors | 23 August 2020 Ideal for alcoves, a sleek and modern sliding shower doors offer space-saving design without sacrificing any functionality. Sliding shower doors have the door mounted on sliding runners. They’re perfect for creating compact shower enclosures in small bathrooms and en suites as there’s no need to accommodate the […]

Glass Office Partitions – Create a Space You Will Love

Glass Partitions London | 11 August 2020 With the global pandemic making social distancing mandatory, this is the perfect time to work on changing the flow of your office. If you want to create an open, balanced space that still allows for privacy, glass partitions are an ideal solution. These easy to install walls make […]

Interior Sliding Glass Doors – The Key Benefits

Interior Sliding Glass Doors | 4 August 2020 One of the best benefits of having a glass door installed in your home or office is the increase in natural light in your property. Rather than blocking it off with large, solid doors, you can light up your space for free! Not only will this save […]

Glass Partitions – Natural Light & Cost Effective

Glass Partitions London | 30 July 2020 Movable partitions are a modern and refreshing way to modernise your workspace. Our range of partitions create a new environment which becomes part of the room and opens up your space providing a productive and uplifting workplace everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in.  Imagine separating your workspace […]

Kitchen Splashback Ideas

Glass Splashbacks | 23 July 2020 Kitchen splashbacks are a perfect example of how kitchen planning and interior design have become intertwined. Lifted from a purely practical role – it is, after all, about protecting the walls from hob and sink splashes. In addition to worktops, it’s quite often the first element that’s noticed when […]