GH Interior Glass produce breathtaking shower enclosures, established in 2005. We are working with some of the best Architects and Interior Designers in and around Greater London. However, we cover all surrounding areas. We can provide a full design service for your shower enclosures. GH has a verity of quality fittings and finishes to give clients the best choice s for their projects. Using our shower design software package means we can send back quotes the same day. We can design a range on the software for large contract shower packages like Hotels, for fast processing. We provide frameless showers and fully framed in a variety of colours: an example, the new craze, black framed showers. Because of our versatility and commitment, you can recommend your Ironmongery if you wish.
Most importantly, I’m proud to say that we are renowned for our excellent service and fast turn around.

Maintenance and Limescale treatment
Anti Limescale and Maintenance Hard water create unsightly and resistant water spots on the unprotected glass. The limescale from hard water etches the surface, and high levels of humidity accelerate the corrosion process. This build-up of dirt facilitates the development of bacteria. Therefore Cleaning becomes very hard – if not impossible – no matter how hard you tried. Finally the appearance of the shower glass is entirely spoiled. However,  clients can use ClearShield® protection as an effective treatment to Limescale build up. Consequently 90% of our orders include Clearshield.

In our Range, we offer a variety of colours. We can also sandblast, or Acid etched panels to create privacy or simply beautiful patterns to make your bespoke shower enclosure unique to your property. All of our showers come with Anti-limescale coating to the inner face as standard. UV bonding is available for return panels, so there is no requirement for brackets or channels. UV bonding is 100% clear; strong glue used to produce glass furniture and showcases. Our operatives are specially trained in on-site UV bonding. Showers are constructed from 8 or 10mm thick toughened glass. They can also be created from the following thicknesses:8mm /10mm/12mm toughened glass.Glass RangeClear FloatLow IronGreen TintedBronze TintedGrey tinted laminated glass using mesh or patterns in-between.

  • 8mm /10mm/12mm toughened glass.

Glass Range

  • Clear Float
  • Low Iron
  • Green Tinted
  • Bronze Tinted
  • Grey Tinted
  • Laminated glass using mesh or patterns in-between.

GH Interior Glass showers are manufactured using 10mm toughened safety glass. 10mm thick glass has between 10 and 20% more stability than thinner glass. It is imperative when hanging a shower door directly on a wall that a non-compressible wall lining material is used with a double wooden stud at hinge points. Sufficient fixing must be provided by the main contractor or owner. Frameless glass showers are intended for Wet room areas,  fittings should be designed so that the shower rose or jets do not point at the door or entrance ways. This is particularly important where high-pressure water systems are installed. Optional seals are also available for vertical edges of door. Gh interior glass showers are not designed to dam any water the shower waste is incapable of carrying away.

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