Your glass shop front is the last place that you want to be cutting corners on design and durability. It is your representation, and will be the first impression potential clients make of you and your brand.

G H Interior Glass frameless glass shop fronts are designed to inspire and endure, and our glass laminating specialists create the highest-possible quality and calibre glass, built to stand the test of time. Available in toughened glass, laminate glass or toughened laminate glass, and come in a variety of beautiful finishes, creating breathtaking effects.

Our team of expert glass designers and engineers are all trained in the use of mini-crawlers, Hiabs and big structural suckers, allowing us to take on jobs of any scale, including some of the biggest high-street and luxury brands. However, we try to match and adapt with any budget, and also work with shops of all shapes and sizes right down to small family-run shops.


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