Frameless & Framed Glass Extensions

Our services are as follows..

  • Frameless Glass Extensions
  • Framed Extensions
  • Full Structural Calculations
  • Design team
  • Working draftsmen drawings for sign off
  • Ground Building works on application
  • Fully qualified Installers
  • Special lifting equipment
  • Full Warranty on any works

I have the best draftsmen in the industry and furthermore the most experienced fitting Teaming in the UK. Installing Frameless glass extensions is what they do every week.
Architects like Atlierwest Ltd in London are specifying ¬†fantastic structural glass facades to the back of houses for the reason that natural light can flood in. Consequently giving you that felling that you’re connect to your outdoor living space.

Structural glass is often being used as Link Corridors from one building to another.
We can offer a variety of structural glass solutions to suit any commercial or domestic property.
With low E coatings and Argon filled units silicone sealed, self cleaning coatings will make sure the UV values required are exceeded.

When Planning a Frameless glass box Extension, have a Budget in mind at the beginning of the job. This helps allow architects and designers a much greater scope when designing a striking and Original building. Most noteworthy, you must keep access in mind while designing your new living space due to physically getting the glass into position. However don’t panic, our installers are fully listened to operate special lifting equipment including large cranes. We also work alongside GGR GROUP who can visit site and produce a lifting plan.

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