Industrial Framed Glass Partitions

A contemporary product fulfilling the latest interior design trend for industrial effect glass partitioning. The banded effect has the flexibility of a standard glazed partition whilst providing the visual appearance of industrial split frame installation. This is an easy to use component that helps create a structured, industrial look to frameless glass partitions, a stylish way to compliment any modern office fit out. This style is particularly favoured by creative, media, marketing and PR offices and any other creative businesses. Banded glass partitions compliments buildings original features like brickwork; exposed ducts and pipework; timber beams and wooden floors. It provides an edgy, stylish finish.

The original banded steel windows were a style particularly prevalent in many pre-war houses in the borough of London and still feature in many commercial buildings in the cities across North America. Over the past 30 years they have been considered rather a dated design and, being associated with single glazing, not particularly energy efficient. But as with many interior trends, they have made a serious comeback in both exterior and interior partitioning glazing in the commercial market. And like many resurging fashions, they have been completely modernised in the process.

As commercial working spaces are continually changing and the market supplying internal partitioning and doors has reacted well to these changing demands for a more flexible and transient environment. Interior styling moves too and one of the most recent trends has seen an industrial theme, a style of polished concrete floors and grey walls offering a blank canvas for the design. We have seen exposed brickwork, stainless steel featuring strongly, the mixing and matching of old and new furniture alongside upcycling objects. The new trend in banded glazing has ridden on the back of this styling.

This banded trend has added even more design choice to partitions, enabling specifiers to truly personalise a working environment to suit both how a specific organisation works and the building it resides within. In fact the wide choice of styles, colours and materials have now made it quite complex to specify partitioning that’s not only visually on trend but complies to acoustic and fire protection requirements. So it’s important to involve the manufacturer and their product design team when specifying this glazing to ensure it is the right product for the job. Whilst dark grey is currently the prevalent colour option in partitioning, any RAL colour can be sourced; so matching to a scheme or corporate colour way is no problem. To complement these partition walls, both flush glazed and framed glass doors are available in the same styling to continue the banded design. There are also fire screens available to this design, should the project require them.

Banded glass installation

An aluminium frame runs around the perimeter and UVPC bars intersect the glass, giving a framed finish throughout. A dry wall can be built over any uneven surface to prepare your space ready to receive the glass. The glass is then installed much like our other products: as one large pane. The finishing touch of the bars are then assembled on top to give the framed finish.

Banded glass acoustics

The sound privacy level depends on the quality of glass you opt for. The framed banding is best applied to single glazed or acoustic glass.


A Framed Glass Door is recommended for use with this product to stay in keeping with the industrial style. Handles and locks are also an important choice to ensure continuity in style.


This cool look comes at a cost as banded glass partitions are usually one of the dearer options. The reason behind the greater cost is that the bars are installed as an additional fixing over the existing glass panels.

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