Glass Balustrades


Glass Balustrades | 1 May 2023

Our glass balustrades are rustproof, have the highest safety ratings, and a lifetime warranty, whether used indoors or outdoors. They are simple to install and a fantastic investment. The best part is that they offer you room to breathe. Glass balustrading offers vistas, creates a secure area, and works perfectly as a windscreen for outdoor relaxation.

Glass is a low-cost, reliable material that looks fantastic inside and outside of any sort of building. Glass is a unique medium for design since so few other materials can express the beauty, elegance, and contemporary mood that glass can. Glass balustrades are a popular option for both commercial and residential settings because they may increase the value of your property while offering a variety of advantages.

To maintain their condition, your glass balustrades just need to be cleaned with a soft cloth and some warm, soapy water. Glass is a material that requires little upkeep. Your glass balustrades will remain plain and lovely if you take the required care to avoid any scratches or watermarks and follow the cleaning procedure.

Metal may corrode and release potentially dangerous substances into the environment, much like other materials. However, glass doesn’t have this issue because it is recyclable and chemically inert. Glass is therefore a sustainable alternative when selecting balustrades for your surrounds.

When utilised as intended, glass balustrades are like a blank canvas; they continue to be chic, contemporary, and straightforward but useful. There are several adaptable and adjustable design possibilities, such curved panels or unique printing, to really make your space stand out. Glass may be utilised to contrast more traditional materials in both modern and more traditional locations.

The majority of people mistakenly think that glass is a delicate and fragile material, however it is really sturdy and resilient when used for balustrades. Unlike wood, which rots and becomes infected over time, glass does not. If the owner maintains it, glass often stays pristine.  

Are you interested in modernising your area with a secure yet fashionable glass balustrade? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us right away for further information, no matter how big your project is. For more than 25 years, GH Interior Glass has been a top supplier and manufacturer of glass external partitions. Clear, frosted, etched, or safety glass can be used to create contemporary borders as a stylish alternative to traditional materials. You may continue to take in the view from your patio, garden, or porch thanks to glass walls. At GH Interior Glass, we provide decking glass balustrades as a supply-only option as well as a part of a comprehensive design-and-build plan. 

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