Decking and glass balustrades are popular choices for homeowners who want to convert their outside space into an additional room. From June through August, the weather is often better, making it possible for many people to sit outside and even eat. In order to create garden balustrades that perfectly suited our clients’ decking and other outdoor features, we frequently collaborated with them.

Glass balustrades are widely seen in and around office buildings and public buildings due to their incredibly contemporary and sleek appearance. Given that it provides people around with an unhindered view, it is the perfect choice for flooring. Frameless glass balustrades are a fantastic option to utilise if your home or deck is close to the beach since the glass is sturdy and can withstand the more salty and humid air without corroding, rusting, or wearing out as metal may. Additionally, tile or stone flooring look wonderful with frameless windows. This combination may give a space a really modern feel while also being extremely helpful whether dining or cooking outside.

Our Frameless Decking Glass Balustrades system, the height of beauty and elegance, may be put on glass balconies, deck & patio balustrades, or even a glass fence. For the smoothest finish, the flexible system may be specified with or without a stainless handrail. It has a glass infill and an aluminium base channel. In accordance with construction regulations, our contemporary glass balustrade systems may be made with clear, tinted or frosted balustrade safety glass.


Because of its sleek, contemporary appearance, frameless glass is frequently used in and around office buildings and public structures. It is the greatest option for flooring since it gives everyone nearby a good view. If your home or balcony is near the sea, frameless glass balustrades are an excellent alternative to use since glass is strong and can withstand the increased humidity and salt air without corroding, rusting, or wearing out like metal may. Additionally, frameless glass looks fantastic with flooring made of stone or concrete. This combination is often quite helpful when dining or cooking outside and may give a place a truly contemporary air.

Our Frameless Glass Balustrade system, which may be used on glass terraces, decking & patio balustrades, or even a glass fence, is the pinnacle of style and elegance. The flexible system may be selected with or without a steel railing for the best uniform finish. It has an aluminium base channel and a glass infill. Our modern glass handrail systems may be designed with clear, tinted or frosted fence safety glass and adhere to construction codes.

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