Glass Balustrades | 1 June 2023

Glass is an affordable, dependable material that looks great both inside and outside of any kind of construction. Since so few other materials can convey the beauty, elegance, and current atmosphere that glass can, glass is a special medium for design. Because they may raise the value of your home and provide a number of benefits, glass balustrades are a popular choice for both commercial and residential situations.

Whether used indoors or outside, our glass balustrades are rustproof, have the highest safety certifications, and a lifetime warranty. They are an excellent investment and easy to install. The fact that they give you space to breathe is the nicest part. Glass balustrading provides views, establishes a safe space, and serves as the ideal windscreen for outdoor leisure.

Your glass balustrades only need to be cleaned with a gentle cloth and some warm, soapy water to stay in good condition. Glass is a material with minimal maintenance requirements. If you take the necessary precautions to avoid any scratches or watermarks and follow the cleaning technique, your glass balustrades will stay plain and attractive.

Like other materials, metal may corrode and emit potentially hazardous compounds into the environment. Glass, on the other hand, is chemically inert and recyclable, therefore it doesn’t have this problem. Therefore, using glass for your surroundings’ balustrades is a sustainable option.

Glass balustrades are like a blank canvas when used as intended; they remain stylish, modern, and simple but practical. Curved panels or distinctive graphics are only two adaptive and customizable design options that may really make your room stand out. In both contemporary and more classic settings, glass may be used to contrast more conventional materials.

The majority of people wrongly believe that glass is a delicate and fragile material, however when used for balustrades, it is actually quite strong and robust. Glass does not degrade or grow diseased over time like wood does. Glass often stays spotless if the owner takes care of it.  

Do you want to update your space with a safe yet stylish glass balustrade? No matter how huge your project is, don’t hesitate to contact us right away for more information. GH Interior Glass has been a leading supplier and producer of glass external partitions for more than 25 years. As a chic replacement for conventional materials, modern borders can be made from clear, frosted, etched, or safety glass. Glass walls allow you to keep enjoying the view from your patio, garden, or porch. Decking glass balustrades are something we provide at GH Interior Glass as a supply-only option as well as as a component of a thorough design-and-build strategy. 

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