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Steel Windows & Steel Doors | 14 December 2022

An alternative to steel windows that is thermally efficient is the Heritage stepped look window system. These stepped windows employ the most recent technology while yet being considerably less expensive than steel windows. Our Heritage windows have exceptional thermal performance since they feature a contemporary “Polyamide” thermal break. You can now simply and economically replace your old, single-glazed, rusted steel windows with secure, energy-efficient double-glazed windows that don’t rust. Furthermore, you can do it without sacrificing your historic property’s unique charm. Our slender profile mimics the appearance and texture of conventional steel windows. These windows can be customised to look exactly like your current windows, whether they are mounted directly on brick, paired with new or vintage hardwood frames, or both.

Our Heritage Steel Window Features

• Can be supplied unglazed or glazed for 24mm sealed units.

• Trickle vents available in head extension.

• Planitherm Total +, Argon gas used as standard.

• Optional dummy vents for matching internally glazed fixed lites.

• Vents are internally glazed for security and ease of installation.

• Complies to building regulations for replacement projects.

• Outer frame: 36mm; Outer frame – Sash: 56/59mm.

• Also available in over 200 single colours or dual RAL colours.

• Range of textured colours available.

• Slim-line 47mm ‘Polyamide’ thermally broken, non-rusting aluminium profile.

• Modern multi-point locking options including Chelton Secure™.

• Traditional furniture options.

• Standard colours include White (gloss), Black (matt) or dual Black (matt) Out White (gloss) In.

Heritage Steel Doors

Our Heritage Stepped aluminium doors are designed as a slim, thermally efficient replacement for old Steel Doors. The aluminium profiles use the latest Volyamide’ thermal break to achieve excellent U-values inline with the current building regulations. The slim profiles are designed to replicate the stepped classic slim look and feel of traditional steel doors.

These Heritage Stepped doors are suitable for replacement & refurbishment projects and in listed buildings and conservation areas. These doors will retain the classic look and character of your home and are designed to match our Royale Stepped or Heritage Stepped windows.

Our Heritage Steel Door Features

• Non-rusting aluminium profiles replicate old Steel Doors.

• These match our Heritage Stepped windows.

• Available as single or French doors opening in or out.

• Suitable for refurbishment projects.

• Modern multi-point locking.

• Slim sight-lines with thermally broken aluminium profiles.

• Standard colours include White (matt), Black (matt) or dual Black (matt) Out White (matt) In.

• Also available in over 200 single or dual RAL colours.

• Range of textured paint colours available.

• Meets current building regulations.

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