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How Glass Partitions Can Add Impact And Improve Your Workspace

Glass Partitions London | 1 January 2021

In modern commercial offices, especially cities like London, square footage and space is at a premium. The cost of expansion is high and the inconvenience of moving is huge. For many, business interruption is too great a risk and thus, any relocation becomes a non-starter.

As an alternative, many business owners are looking to use partitioning to break up rooms into more useable and adaptable spaces as a cost effective and flexible solution, with the most popular material in achieving this is being glass.

With various options now available on the marketplace, glass partitions not only allow offices to become more adaptable and flexible in their application, they can also bring a whole new look and fresh appeal to what was once a drab and uninspiring interior space. The fact is, glass can really make a huge impact visually and functionally, without breaking the budget.

Movable partitions are a modern and refreshing way to modernise your workspace. Our range of partitions create a new environment which becomes part of the room and opens up your space providing a productive and uplifting workplace everyone can enjoy and feel comfortable in.  Imagine separating your workspace with glass partitions, flooding your space with natural light and bringing your room to life at the same time. All with the added benefit of soundproofing, allowing you to work undisturbed and in peace. Our sleek and stylish range includes frameless, single glazed, double glazed, acoustic and fire rated glass partitions to meet all your partitioning and interior glass needs. 

Partitions can be installed with swing, bi-folding or sliding glass door and be either fixed or retractable. When it comes to the construction of homes and offices, more people are opting to incorporate the modern style of using glass rather than using permanent walls, partitions, or dividers. While office managers opt to use these styles in order to enhance the performance of employees, homeowners who use them are often looking for elegance and classic designs. You will find a variety of glass types that you can choose from. This gives you unique options based on the look you are going for as well as the decor in your office or home.  

Benefits of glass partitions include:

Natural lighting – Glass partitions, or dividers are used to create an open space for natural light. Most people find such an environment more impressive and welcoming. The room looks more spacious and attractive.

Modern look – Most people are attracted to glass partitions due to their aesthetic value. Glasses come in varying styles and designs so you can choose whichever suits your taste and preference. Glass is bound to create a more appealing office and home style. You can also pick the colour that is compatible with the logo of your company.

Practicality – Partitions are a practical way of dividing your office space or home. If you need to expand the rooms or change their style in future, you can easily un-install the glass partitions and reinstall them as you need. This is brought about by the flexibility of this partitioning style.

Cost effectiveness – Everyone is looking to get the most value out of his or her money. This means that people are always looking out for a way to save even if it is a dollar. Glass partitions are a cost effective way that allows you to save some of your construction money because they are cheaper than jumbo and permanent walls. What’s more, glass partitioned rooms eliminate the need for artificial lighting, which could increase your expenditure on utility bills. In addition to reducing lighting costs, the partitions will also make your office more energy efficient, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

Privacy – This is particularly essential for office spaces because personnel have to hold meetings, take important phone calls, and enhance their work efficiency. Glass partitions are the best way to create a professional work environment. Employees can work privately under minimal disruptions and you can hold meetings without dealing with noisy shared offices. Some offices also partition their conference rooms to allow them to hold various meetings privately.

Enhanced productivity – Unlike opaque partitions, glass partitions are a perfect way to boost the performance of employees. This is because most of them will fear that they are being scrutinized and end up being more productive. The personnel are also likely to be more accountable.

Ease of maintenance – partitions are easy to clean and maintain since you only need a cleaning solution and a microfibre cloth.  

Common applications – Glass partitions, walls, and dividers are commonly used in homes and commercial places. At home, you may use glass to create a luxurious and spacious home office with natural lighting. Most conference rooms will have glass partitions or sliding glass doors to avoid disturbance. This is because everyone will see that the room is occupied and that there is a meeting in progress. Glass partitions are a cheaper way of creating commercial offices with the aim of achieving all the above benefits. Shops and other business places have also adapted this style to create doors and entrance ways.  

With the glass walls from GH Interior Glass, you no longer have to deal with foot traffic that could distract you. As a result, you get to enjoy a healthy working environment.

How do I pick the right glass partitions solution when there are so many different options to choose from? Don’t worry, we’ll work closely with you to match the right office partition to your space and requirements.

We supply and fit the following options:

– Glass office partitions

– Frameless glass office partitions

– Demountable office partitions

– Drywall office partitions

– Fire rated office partitions

– Hygienic office partition

– Sliding office partitions

– Desk top screens

– Floor standing screens

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