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Glass Desk Protection Screens : Covid-19 Workplace Considerations

Glass Desk Protection Screens  | 6 June 2020

The workplace your business returns to will look and feel different to the one you left, but it should  still support your culture, creativity and productivity by providing a positive and tailored environment to support new ways of working and evolving business needs. The following are some examples of design solutions that facilitate added safety measures and an inspiring workplace.

Glass Protection Screens

Desk glass protection screens not only offer people within the workplace a certain level of privacy (which, until only recently, was believed to be their only sole function), they more importantly minimise the risk of transmission. The desk mounted protection screens that we can provide range from singular screens that mount to the back edge of office desks, protection screens that mount to the side of desks to header screens that clamp to most existing desk mounted screens.

Open Meeting Spaces

Meeting areas that aren’t in confined spaces allow participants to collaborate from a distance. Adjustable furniture and IT/AV mean spaces can be configured to suit each meeting without touching shared surfaces. 

Standing Furniture 

Standing has been shown to lead to more engaged participation, making meetings or collaborative work more productive. Whiteboards or screens that can be used at standing height allow employees to work together while remaining two-metres apart and without having to use shared tables. 

Planted Screens 

Screens and partitions will become commonplace in the workplace in order to safely distance employees. Walls of plants, planted shelving or large free-standing plants provide separation and added benefits like increased productivity, cleaner air and lower dust levels. 

Occupancy & Environmental Sensors 

Sensors can be used to collect non-sensitive data on space use and environmental quality. Monitoring space use will help keep occupancy levels down and provide peace of mind for users who can control things like light levels and room temperature from their personal smart phones. 


Digital solutions give the office environment an added dimension with easily customisable display and accessible connectivity. The majority of your workforce will likely continue to work from home- integrated technology will help keep your company connected no matter where your employees are located.

 6 June 2020 | Glass Desk Protection Screens


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