Glass Balustrades


Glass Balustrades | 14 March 2024

Perceived as ultra-modern, yet widely used in both contemporary and traditional interiors.  It’s the perfect blend of modern metals, polished glass and fixings that are a feature.

Spaces feel instantly brighter and more spacious. While offering the safety you want, they’re long-lasting and only need cleaning as required.

Our glass balustrading, which offers a modern and contemporary decking system that is both elegant and fashionable, is one of the most popular products on the market right now. Glass decking is a novel and imaginative way to transform your yard without making it feel confined and claustrophobic. Toughened glass panels provide a modern, sleek appearance that makes you feel at home in your outdoor living area without obstructing your view of the surroundings. The complete decking system has been pressure treated for durability and is made in compliance with UK Building Regulations to guarantee that it is secure for usage around people, animals and children.

The dynamic of your garden design can be dramatically altered for all the right reasons by adding a balustrade to your decking area. We offer the ideal decking glass balustrade for you, regardless of whether you want a conventional, modern, elegant, or clean appearance. Many people who want to turn their outdoor space into an extra room often choose to pair decking and glass balustrades. Because of the generally nicer weather from June through August, many people find it feasible to sit outside and even eat. We frequently worked with our clients to design and construct garden balustrades that seamlessly complemented their decking and other outdoor features.

Due to its modern and sleek appearance, frameless glass is frequently used in and around office buildings and public structures. It is the ideal match for decks because it offers an unobstructed view to people nearby. If your home or deck is near the seaside, frameless glass balustrades are a great option to utilise since the glass is strong and can withstand the increased salt and more humid air without eroding, rusting, or wearing down like metal may. Additionally, frameless glass looks great when used with stone or tile decking. This combination may give a room a very modern vibe, and it is frequently very useful while dining or cooking outside.

For use on glass balconies, decking & patio balustrades, or even a glass fence, our Frameless Glass Balustrade system is the pinnacle of style and refinement. The adaptable system comes with a glass infill and an aluminium base channel, and it may be offered with or without a stainless handrail for the most seamless finish.  Our modern glass balustrade systems can be tailored using clear, tinted or frosted balustrade safety glass and are in compliance with building rules.

Glass balustrades come in a variety of styles so you may select the one that best suits your house.  The arrangement with metal posts separating each piece of safety glass is the most common.

There is also a version with frames that keeps the entire glass surface visible. These are provided with covert bottom or side fasteners for safe installation.

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