Glass Balustrades | 1 February 2024

To create a full outdoor living area that is secure and ideal for entertaining friends and family, our glass balustrades can be combined with our decking planks. For the ideal fusion, we provide a variety of glass and stainless-steel railing options.

Even though spring won’t arrive for another few months, summer already seems imminent! It’s understandable why so many of our thoughts are focused on summer given the warmer temperatures, lengthy days, and sultry nights. It’s the ideal time to start making your garden area ideal for you now that so many of us are spending more and more time outside in our own houses. 

Many people who want to turn their outdoor area into an additional room often choose to pair decking and glass balustrades. Because of the generally milder weather from June to August, many people find it feasible to remain outside and even dine.

Key benefits include:

– Patented adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of each individual glass panel

– Fast Installation

– Available in various finishes including satin stainless effect and various RAL colours.

– Suitable for a range of glass sizes 12-21.5mm thickness.

– Tested & engineered to meet the strictest building regulations (with the appropriate fixing and glass thickness) in both domestic and commercial installations

Due to its extremely contemporary and sleek appearance, frameless glass is frequently used in and around workplace structures and public buildings. It is the ideal match for flooring because it offers an unobstructed view to those nearby. If your home or balcony is near the ocean, frameless glass balustrades are a great option to use because the glass is strong and can withstand the increased salt and more humid air without eroding, rusting, or wearing down like metal can. Additionally, frameless glass looks great when combined with stone or tile flooring. This combination can give a room a truly modern feel, and it is frequently very useful when dining or cooking outside.

For use on glass terraces, decking & patio balustrades, or even a glass fence, our Frameless Glass Balustrade system is the pinnacle of style and elegance. The adaptable system comes with a glass infill and an aluminium base channel, and it can be provided with or without a steel handrail for the best uniform finish. Our modern glass railing systems can be customised using clear, tinted, or frosted fence safety glass and are in compliance with building standards.

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