Glass Balustrades | 28 May 2023

For all intents and purposes, glass is a material that will last virtually forever. Our frameless glass balustrades’ safety glass is composed of two panels that are both toughened and joined by a plastic safety interlayer. This interlayer is utilised to ensure that even if one of the glasses breaks, the other will stay in place. This relatively recent change to BS 6180, made in 2011, permits the absence of a railing in specific circumstances.

For homeowners who wish to turn their outside area into an extra room, decking and glass balustrades are popular options. The weather is usually better from June through August, making it feasible for plenty of people to sit outside and even eat. We routinely worked with our customers to design garden balustrades that exactly complemented their decking and other outdoor elements.

Decking Due to its extremely modern and sleek look, glass balustrades are frequently found in and around office buildings and public buildings. It is the ideal fit for flooring since it gives those close an unobstructed view. If your house or deck is near the ocean, frameless glass balustrades are a good choice to use since the glass is strong and can endure the more salty and humid air without corroding, rusting, or wearing out as metal may. Additionally, frameless glass looks fantastic with flooring made of stone or tile. This combination is usually quite useful when dining or cooking outside and may give a place a genuinely contemporary air.

The pinnacle of style and elegance, our Frameless Decking Glass Balustrades system may be installed on glass balconies, deck & patio balustrades, or even a glass fence. The flexible system features a glass infill and an aluminium base channel, and it may be ordered with or without a stainless handrail for the most seamless finish. Our modern glass balustrade systems may be designed with clear, tinted or frosted balustrade safety glass and adhere to building requirements.


Frameless glass is commonly utilised in and around office buildings and public buildings because of its sleek, modern appearance. Given that it provides a clear view for everyone close, it is the best option for flooring. Frameless glass balustrades are a great option to utilise if your home or balcony is close to the seaside since glass is robust and can handle the increased salt and more humid air without eroding, rusting, or wearing out like metal may. Additionally, flooring constructed of stone or concrete looks amazing with frameless glass. This combination may give a room a really modern feel and is usually extremely beneficial while dining or cooking outside.

Our Frameless Glass Balustrade system is the height of design and grace and may be used on glass terraces, decking & patio balustrades, or even a glass fence. For the greatest consistent finish, the adaptable system may be specified with or without a steel railing. It features a glass infill and an aluminium base channel. Our contemporary glass handrail systems are compliant with building regulations and may be customised with clear, tinted or frosted fence safety glass.

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