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Internal Glass Sliding Doors | 23 August 2020

Ideal for alcoves, a sleek and modern sliding shower doors offer space-saving design without sacrificing any functionality. Sliding shower doors have the door mounted on sliding runners. They’re perfect for creating compact shower enclosures in small bathrooms and en suites as there’s no need to accommodate the arc associated with pivoted or hinged doors. When it comes to design there are a number of options. Our sliding shower doors are available in frameless designs, with frames or as semi frameless models. There’s something to complement any bathroom.

An affordable option, sliding shower doors or sliding shower screens deliver value for money without compromise on style or specification.

A variety of sizes are available, with our ranges including sliding showers doors in sizes: 1000mm – 1800mm. Available as a sliding shower door only or with a side panel for a full shower enclosure.

Buying a shower door isn’t always as straightforward as it might appear, there’s a lot to consider with your design ultimately coming down to personal preference, your type of shower, and even both size and design of your bathroom.

Sliding shower doors are becoming more and more popular thanks to their space saving qualities. While hinge or pivot doors require a larger space in front of the shower to open up into, sliding doors do not, making them an ideal choice if you have a slightly smaller bathroom. They are also easy to maneuvere, and can make getting in and out of the shower a smoother process. But even when you know you’re after a sliding shower door, the choices don’t stop there. With such an array of different types on the market, knowing which one to go for can be tricky. 

Single Sliding Shower Doors

Single sliding shower doors are simple, easy to use and elegant.  

Double Sliding Shower Doors

Double sliding shower doors also hold a number of advantages. They are slightly easier to clean than their single counterparts, and many will offer slightly more room when entering or exiting the shower. 

Framed Sliding Shower Doors

Framed sliding shower doors can add a little structure to your bathroom visually. They can work as focal points and are often used to create a little more personality in a minimalist bathroom. 

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Frameless sliding shower doors offer something totally different by way of aesthetics. They are ideal in a contemporary bathrooms, adding to a luxurious and clean feeling. In fact, you might hardly even notice they are there – helping to create the illusion of space and minimalism.

Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

If you’re after a happy medium, a semi-frameless sliding shower door should be your go-to. These offer the best of both worlds, with the clean lines helping to give structure to your bathroom while retaining that minimalist feel. 

Corner Entry Sliding Shower Doors

Corner entry sliding shower doors are an extremely practical addition to your bathroom. Allowing your shower to be slotted into the corner, they can create the illusion of space and help add to that minimalist feel. 

Recessed Sliding Shower Doors

Recessed showers are great thanks to their hidden and space-saving design, ideal if you are slightly short on space in your bathroom. 

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