Glass Balustrading

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Toughened Glass Balustrades are the modern architectural solution to the requirements of providing security and safety for staircases, balconies, terraces and swimming pools while retaining views of the building.

There are various ways of fitting the glass balustrades, all of which comply with specifications and requirements of British building regulations. If you are a domestic customer wishing to have glass balustrades you will need a structural engineer to approve the grounds for the glass. Because glass balustrades are structural and need load bearing calculations, your structural engineer will usually provide plans for us to work from.

At GH Interior Glass we can take on the whole project, making drawings, providing the steel work and all fittings. GH Interior Glass has vast experience in manufacturing glass staircases, so contact us today for immediate service.

Glass balustrades using base channel

BASE SHOE The base shoe is an integral component of any frameless glass balustrade system. The markets now flooded with different base channels each claiming to be the best. All base channel are approximately 120mm high and vary in width, but take an average of 60-70mm wide. Glass Balustrade thickness available are 12mm, 15mm, and […]

Frameless Glass Balustrades Point Fixings

Frameless glass balustrades using point fixings or Standoffs can be used to the side of your staircase to receive glass balustrades. As a result, you will have two bosses, one above the other. Certainly by a minimum of 100mm to create the stability and strength in the glass panel. If you wish to have no […]

Glass Balustrades Railing System.

Our glass baluster railing systems all feature a clean, straightforward design with a satin stainless steel or polished finish. They all include a surprisingly large array of superior quality pre-fabricated modular components. There are many different types available from different suppliers that have flooded the market. We only use well known trusted brands such as […]

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