Why choose glass partitions for your office?

It is sometimes difficult for organisations to find the right balance within their office design. There always seems to be a compromise. Practicality versus aesthetics. Open plan versus individual offices. Contemporary versus traditional. Cost versus style. Communication versus privacy. There’s so much to choose from! Glass partitioning and glass walls provide flexible solutions that mean you no longer need to compromise on your preferred office layout.

Glass partitions and glass walls are a cost-effective solution when it comes to achieving a light, airy and open plan feel, with improved acoustics and privacy when required. The separation created by glass partitions enables quieter working zones without hindering easy communication or losing the atmosphere of an open plan office.

Glass provides a modern, expensive look with hidden cost saving benefits. By allowing more light to access your offices, no longer blocked by solid walls or partitions, glass helps to reduce energy bills by decreasing the amount of artificial lighting required.

Movable glass walls offer even more adaptability in the workplace, enabling large open plan areas to be sectioned off only when required, without creating dark, claustrophobic, uninviting rooms. Glass walls enable even the smallest of spaces to feel light and welcoming.

As temporary fixtures, glass walls and partitions can be easily installed and moved, adding yet more benefits to this stylish addition to your workplace. Glass can be branded, frosted, and even include signage or decoration to further enhance the overall look and feel of your office environment.

When using glass to separate areas within an office you retain the feeling of honest and open communication, showing others that you operate a transparent business.  Staff, clients and visitors will appreciate your subliminal ‘our door is always open’ message, putting your organisation in a positive light from the moment people enter your office space.

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