How do the frameless glass doors function?

Glass doors work on a pivot system rather than a conventional wall mounted hinge. Our frameless glass door systems consist of a floor mounted hydraulic hinge for glass doors  which is fixed on a floor mounted plate. Please note with this system there is no need to make a hole in your floor as with some glass door systems. The floor spring controls the opening and closing motion of the door, and allows the door to be held open at 90 degrees both sides.  Please note that it is very important to use a floor spring to control the opening and closing of glass door as without this the glass door could swing uncontrollably or slam shut causing damage or breakage to the glass door. Two metal patches are fixed to the glass door in each corner. The bottom metal patch allows the glass door to be slotted directly onto the floor mounting plate ; the top metal patch attaches directly to the door pivot point and is fixed into the U-channel or directly into the ceiling.

How are glass partitions fitted?

The first stage of fitting is to lay out and fix an Aluminium U channel around the perimeter of where the glass partition will be situated. The channel is fixed to the floor, walls and ceiling with flat headed screws. Once the U channel has been installed, the glass can either be lifted into the top channel and lowered into the botttom channel (lift and drop systems only) or the glass can be placed at an opening and slid along the U channel to the required position. Once the glass panels have been placed correctly with in the U channel, their level will be checked with a spirit level and packers may be used at the base of the glass to adjust and level them (these are not visible). All joints will then be filled with clear silicon to create the best visual finish, whilst also improving the strength and rigidity of the partition and signficiantly improves the sound proofing of the room.

What are the sound proofing properties of your systems?

We have a number of systems available. Our most cost effective and popular, frameless single glazed system with a frameless door, is specified at 33dB sound attenuation. At this level you will hear muffled conversations. Our best double glazed system, fitted with acoustic glass is specified at 50dB sound attenuation.

We can provide a guide based on the test data on the glass type specified, but every building is different. The construction of a building and the furnishings within a room make a significant difference to the way sound behaves. If sound insulation is important to you then we have a number of ways to improve on the Standard system without increasing the cost beyond reason.

What are the benefits of glass partitions?

Glass partitioning can be used to temporarily or permanently divide an office space into multiple areas or create a complete room within a room or add decorative division to an open plan area, it also helps reduce noise levels and provides some privacy within the working environment.

Glass room partitions are a cost effective way to divide/alter rooms requiring little to no structural changes therefore keeping the cost down to a minimum.

Glass partitioning creates a light and airy working environment; choose clear glass to create the illusion of open space. Use textured coloured or bevelled glass designs in your partitions if you want to create a focal point as well as increase privacy. They also help to reduce noise pollution and afford   privacy within the workspace.

This type of partitioning is normally constructed as single glazed units.  Double glazed glass partitioning has the advantage of better sound insulation; blinds can also be included between the sheets of glass if extra privacy is required.

Another benefit with glass partitioning is that you have the ability to apply decorative films with your company logo or emblem or indeed almost any design you request on them.

Glass partitions are not normally fire rated however, they can be made more fire resistant with special glass should this be required.

Doors within glass partitions are normally glass but can be solid if required, they can be fitted on patch hinges, floor mounts or sliding rails, within frames or frameless systems.

Glass partitioning is also available in various forms not just as straight flat glass panels. We can create bespoke curved or faceted screens to suit your design.

Why choose glass partitions for your office?

It is sometimes difficult for organisations to find the right balance within their office design. There always seems to be a compromise. Practicality versus aesthetics. Open plan versus individual offices. Contemporary versus traditional. Cost versus style. Communication versus privacy. There’s so much to choose from! Glass partitioning and glass walls provide flexible solutions that mean you no longer need to compromise on your preferred office layout.

Glass partitions and glass walls are a cost-effective solution when it comes to achieving a light, airy and open plan feel, with improved acoustics and privacy when required. The separation created by glass partitions enables quieter working zones without hindering easy communication or losing the atmosphere of an open plan office.

Glass provides a modern, expensive look with hidden cost saving benefits. By allowing more light to access your offices, no longer blocked by solid walls or partitions, glass helps to reduce energy bills by decreasing the amount of artificial lighting required.

Movable glass walls offer even more adaptability in the workplace, enabling large open plan areas to be sectioned off only when required, without creating dark, claustrophobic, uninviting rooms. Glass walls enable even the smallest of spaces to feel light and welcoming.

As temporary fixtures, glass walls and partitions can be easily installed and moved, adding yet more benefits to this stylish addition to your workplace. Glass can be branded, frosted, and even include signage or decoration to further enhance the overall look and feel of your office environment.

When using glass to separate areas within an office you retain the feeling of honest and open communication, showing others that you operate a transparent business.  Staff, clients and visitors will appreciate your subliminal ‘our door is always open’ message, putting your organisation in a positive light from the moment people enter your office space.