How are glass partitions fitted?

The first stage of fitting is to lay out and fix an Aluminium U channel around the perimeter of where the glass partition will be situated. The channel is fixed to the floor, walls and ceiling with flat headed screws. Once the U channel has been installed, the glass can either be lifted into the top channel and lowered into the botttom channel (lift and drop systems only) or the glass can be placed at an opening and slid along the U channel to the required position. Once the glass panels have been placed correctly with in the U channel, their level will be checked with a spirit level and packers may be used at the base of the glass to adjust and level them (these are not visible). All joints will then be filled with clear silicon to create the best visual finish, whilst also improving the strength and rigidity of the partition and signficiantly improves the sound proofing of the room.

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