Kitchen Glass Splashbacks


Glass Splashbacks | 7 November 2022

For your kitchens and bathrooms, GH Interior Glass offers stunning, premium made-to-measure printed and coloured glass splashbacks. Additionally, you can choose a made-to-measure splashback from our extensive selection of standard size glass splashbacks.

The best material to use in the kitchen is glass. With the exception of a handful of our mirrored glass alternatives, which are safety-backed, nearly all of our panels are composed of toughened glass, making them heat resistant to cooking temperatures. This makes them perfect for use behind a stove or oven, and the glass’s wipe-clean surface makes cleanup of spills and splatters quick and simple. Glass splashbacks are ideal behind sinks as well because there is no grout or obvious glue to deal with, so there will never be an issue with mould or mildew, and hard water deposits are simple to wash away.

– Coloured Splashbacks

Splashbacks with colour are made by spraying colour over the back of toughened glass for a flawless, premium finish. You can pick from a variety of fashionable colours or even provide a 

– Printed Splashbacks

Almost any image can be printed onto glass. You will receive a customised splashback as a result, giving your kitchen or bathroom a distinct individuality. You can use one of your own photos, one from our collection, or one from a stock photography service like Shutterstock.

Printed glass splashbacks for kitchens offer a number of advantages, including: – Toughened glass for practicality and durability in cooking areas – The busiest room in your house can now have gorgeous “kitchen art” thanks to a novel design – Made-to-order in any custom size, also available in conventional measurements – There are texture effects for kitchen cabinets, units, panel splashbacks, cooker splashbacks, oven splashbacks, hob splashbacks, and other kitchen surfaces. – With our selection of well-liked kitchen accessories, you may – Upload a photo of your own for a kitchen design. A contemporary, simple-to-install replacement for wallpaper, less-durable materials, and kitchen tiles – When positioned over kitchen equipment, an industry-leading glass printing method keeps the design vibrant.

Our glass splashbacks can be customised to fit around outlets, switches, niches, and other weirdly shaped locations. Your kitchen will look more magnificent and unique thanks to the sleek effect.

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