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Internal Glass Sliding Doors

Beautiful Bespoke Sliding Glass Doors Made To Size

Internal Glass Sliding Doors | 4 September 2020

From glass and acoustic operable walls, windows and door systems to architectural drains and aluminium louvres, glass partitions effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Switchable glass panels can also offer the perfect balance between office transparency and privacy while promoting natural light in a space. Other design solutions can maximise storage, reduce noise and increase privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

The design possibilities are endless with frameless glazed partitioning. You can create spectacular environments and realise your creative vision without compromising on performance. Glass offers you nearly limitless possibilities for the design of your rooms. It gives your partitions a high- quality appearance and creates bright, open spaces. With its sound-proofing properties it enables you to work undisturbed and in peace, which is an ideal condition for an office.

Glass Partitions are stylish and allow light to permeate the space. They create inspirational environments where collaborative working and creativity can flourish. Glass Partitions provide transparent effective shielded office zones where concentration and privacy can be maintained. Available in either single or double glazed and with a range of glass thickness options depending on your requirements:





Combination of toughened and laminated

Electric privacy glass

Wall pockets can also allow sliding glass doors to be fully retracted out of sight. Here’s why you should consider installing sliding glass doors in your home or office:

One of the best benefits of having a glass door installed in your home or office is the increase in natural light in your property. Rather than blocking it off with large, solid doors, you can light up your space for free! Not only will this save you a whole lot of money on electricity bills, but using sliding glass doors will also let you enjoy the many other benefits of natural light, including improving your mood and increasing energy levels. Who would’ve thought you’d get all of that just from switching to glass doors?

Another advantage of sliding glass doors is the fact that there’ll be increased room for people to move in and out of your home or office. With a larger space opening up to the outside or to connecting rooms, it makes it easy for guests to move throughout your property, creating a better flow. It’ll also open up your house and connect each separate space, encouraging more harmony throughout your interior.

As sliding glass doors are typically much larger than regular doors, usually going from floor to ceiling and sometimes replacing the entire length of a wall, they really help improve ventilation in homes and offices. On warm days, you can open your doors wide, letting the cool breeze from outside circulate and enjoying the fresh air. You won’t even have to use air conditioning anymore, which will save you a lot on electricity bills!

By choosing glass sliding doors, you also open up the space you live or work in. Not only will it make your rooms seem bigger and connect them to the outdoors, the fact that you don’t have to open them in or out will also mean you can use more of the space in your rooms. This is a great benefit to any property and gives you more freedom in the rooms that you have.

Using sliding glass doors can give you the opportunity to take a look outside without any obstruction. You’ll feel far more free and connected to the outdoors, which is a wonderful benefit for both large and small homes or offices.

Internal Glass Sliding Doors

Internal Glass Sliding Doors – Upgrade Your Living Space

Internal Glass Sliding Doors | 30 August 2020

Sliding doors provide many benefits and functional advantages to living spaces. For many of us, when it comes to buying a home or renovating a room, the amount of natural light it receives is one of the most important factors. Based on this alone, it determines the overall mood, style, aesthetic and feel. There are an extensive range of doors that can meet your requirements, but why are sliding doors superior to the rest?

Apart from being a beautiful, stylish addition they are flexible to use and practical for any home type. Are you looking to open up your kitchen and dining space in your traditional home? You don’t need to be afraid of losing the traditional and charming touch. There are countless designs you can choose from to match your interior, and the feel you want to maintain throughout your home.

Thanks to the large glass panels on sliding doors that run from the top to the bottom of each panel, it maximises the amount of daylight that can shine through. Natural light is no doubt, a major benefit to us provided by nature itself. By increasing our home’s exposure to the sun with windows and doors, it not only creates a warmer, happier atmosphere in the home, but a more sustainable one too!

There are a variety of space saving doors that allow you extra space in your home, but sliding doors are the ones that are able to maximise your space completely. Essentially, these doors operate without a hinge so they sit on a track instead of swinging open like standard doors. Thanks to this feature, no extra space is required due to the process of the sliding doors – they open up by one door sliding over another panel.

Security is a valuable consideration when it comes to investing in doors, just like it is when you invest in a property, or a car for example. You need to ensure that the doors you invest in are made from the most premium quality so it prevents thieves and potential burglars to enter your home. You should look for sliding doors which feature incorporated gaskets and aluminium seals. As well as this, a hook over locking mechanism is a sensible choice as it prevents the sliding leaf from being lifted out of it’s frame.

When investing in doors, you need to determine how energy efficient they actually are and what you can do to improve this throughout your home. We all like to keep our homes warm when the winter season hits, so we’re not racking up the heating bill. This applies to the summer season too; we ensure our home stays cool so we don’t feel like we’re living in a real life house oven. There are sliding doors that are fitted with composite gaskets, and these are what offer optimal thermal insulation. This ultimately is a weather and sound barrier where it keeps out drafts, dust, rain and sound.

Sliding doors could not be easier to use, literally. They move smoothly and easily on their rails, so all you have to do is gently push them aside and they will open. It provides easy and quick access to indoor and outdoor areas which can be most useful when summer arrives. As an added bonus too, they provide unrestricted views of your home’s outdoor areas, which is ideal for those who love a good view, or for the parents who like to keep an eye on their children and their activities.

See our range of Glass Partitions.

Internal Glass Sliding Doors

Glass Sliding Doors – Showers & Wet Rooms

Internal Glass Sliding Doors | 23 August 2020

Ideal for alcoves, a sleek and modern sliding shower doors offer space-saving design without sacrificing any functionality. Sliding shower doors have the door mounted on sliding runners. They’re perfect for creating compact shower enclosures in small bathrooms and en suites as there’s no need to accommodate the arc associated with pivoted or hinged doors. When it comes to design there are a number of options. Our sliding shower doors are available in frameless designs, with frames or as semi frameless models. There’s something to complement any bathroom.

An affordable option, sliding shower doors or sliding shower screens deliver value for money without compromise on style or specification.

A variety of sizes are available, with our ranges including sliding showers doors in sizes: 1000mm – 1800mm. Available as a sliding shower door only or with a side panel for a full shower enclosure.

Buying a shower door isn’t always as straightforward as it might appear, there’s a lot to consider with your design ultimately coming down to personal preference, your type of shower, and even both size and design of your bathroom.

Sliding shower doors are becoming more and more popular thanks to their space saving qualities. While hinge or pivot doors require a larger space in front of the shower to open up into, sliding doors do not, making them an ideal choice if you have a slightly smaller bathroom. They are also easy to maneuvere, and can make getting in and out of the shower a smoother process. But even when you know you’re after a sliding shower door, the choices don’t stop there. With such an array of different types on the market, knowing which one to go for can be tricky. 

Single Sliding Shower Doors

Single sliding shower doors are simple, easy to use and elegant.  

Double Sliding Shower Doors

Double sliding shower doors also hold a number of advantages. They are slightly easier to clean than their single counterparts, and many will offer slightly more room when entering or exiting the shower. 

Framed Sliding Shower Doors

Framed sliding shower doors can add a little structure to your bathroom visually. They can work as focal points and are often used to create a little more personality in a minimalist bathroom. 

Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

Frameless sliding shower doors offer something totally different by way of aesthetics. They are ideal in a contemporary bathrooms, adding to a luxurious and clean feeling. In fact, you might hardly even notice they are there – helping to create the illusion of space and minimalism.

Semi-Frameless Sliding Shower Doors

If you’re after a happy medium, a semi-frameless sliding shower door should be your go-to. These offer the best of both worlds, with the clean lines helping to give structure to your bathroom while retaining that minimalist feel. 

Corner Entry Sliding Shower Doors

Corner entry sliding shower doors are an extremely practical addition to your bathroom. Allowing your shower to be slotted into the corner, they can create the illusion of space and help add to that minimalist feel. 

Recessed Sliding Shower Doors

Recessed showers are great thanks to their hidden and space-saving design, ideal if you are slightly short on space in your bathroom.