GH Interior Glass is Klein’s UK preferred installers for their beautiful sliding
Suitable for residential, hospitality and commercial uses, or anywhere space is at a premium. Conventional sliding doors would typically use at least 50% of the opening space. The Extendo offers telescopic mechanism using simultaneous sliding frameless glass doors, meaning a large opening with a minimal fixed pane which uses only one-third of the opening. The synchronized opening system of 2, 3 or 4 doors glides effortlessly and benefits from soft-close. Ideal for conference rooms, offices, kitchen or bedroom entrances, for example. This highly-innovative system for high-end projects guarantees a spacious opening where it’s needed most.


In our Range we offer a variety of colours. We can also sandblast or Acid etch our panels to create privacy or simply beautiful patterns to make your Sliding doors unique to your property. In most cases they are constructed out of 10mm thick glass, Our Sliding doors can also be constructed from the following thicknesses:

  • /10mm/12mm/15mm toughened glass.

Glass Range

  • Clear Float
  • Low Iron
  • Green Tinted
  • Bronze Tinted
  • Grey Tinted
  • Laminated glass using mesh or patterns in-between.
  • • Glass panels held through high-weight capacity pressure clamps with no glass drillings (use of tempered or laminated glass). • Use of 3/8” and ½” glass panels up to 10ft high. • Pre-mounted and pre-tensed transmission system for a quicker and easier assembly. • ‘Silver’ anodized aluminum profile (AA10 ISO 7599, 10 microns). • Ball bearing system for quiet and soft opening. • Mounted via wall, ceiling or dropped-ceiling.

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