AGILE 150 / AGILE 150 Syncro

The Agile 150 system is a long standing high performance glass panel sliding door. Dorma is the most recognised brands within this industry, and for good reason. Versatile, durable and sleek with clean lines, the AGILE 150 system operates on a compact track with the roller assembly hidden inside. The track can be mounted on a wall, ceiling or for the sleek appearance recessed into the ceiling to give the appearance of all glass sliding doors. GH Interior Glass has successully fitted this system since 2005.

igh performance

In our Range we offer a variety of colours. We can also sandblast or Acid etch our panels to create privacy or simply beautiful patterns to make your Sliding doors unique to your property.

In most cases the Agile 150 is constructed out of 10mm thick glass, Our glass can also be constructed from the following thicknesses:

  • 8mm /10mm/12mm/15mm/19mm toughened glass.

Glass Range

  • Clear Float
  • Low Iron
  • Green Tinted
  • Bronze Tinted
  • Grey Tinted
  • Laminated glass using mesh or patterns in-between.
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