Glass Splashbacks | 1 September 2023

Our notions of’modern’ aesthetics and style are evolving as kitchen design progresses into the future. Form and utility are increasingly being combined in kitchen design, as evidenced by the significantly altered purpose and appearance of kitchen splashbacks. Splashbacks typically cover the wall length in this area or the space directly behind the stove. Its function is to shield kitchen walls from spills and splashes. Previously only functional, splashbacks can now have a significant impact on how a kitchen looks when it’s all said and done. They frequently become quite the focal point.  And far from its traditional tiled origins, the splashback has evolved to the extent they are widely available in diverse colours, styles and materials; multiple options to suit all budgets and tastes.

Glass splashbacks are ideal for use behind sinks since they don’t require grout or other visible glue, never develop mould or mildew, and are simple to clean of hard water deposits. The best material to use in the kitchen is glass. With the exception of a handful of our mirrored glass substitutes that are safety-backed, almost all of our panels are constructed of toughened glass, making them heat resistant to culinary temperatures. 

This makes them perfect for use behind a stove or oven, and the glass’s wipe-clean surface makes cleanup of spills and splatters quick and simple. Benefits of printed glass splashbacks in kitchens include:

– Toughened glass for practicality and durability in cooking areas

– A unique way to add stunning ‘kitchen art’ to the busiest room in your home

– Made-to-order to any custom size, with standard dimensions also available

– Texture effects available to match kitchen cabinets, kitchen units, kitchen panel splashback, kitchen cooker splashback, oven splashback, kitchen hob splashback, oven splashback and kitchen

– Match your kitchen accessories with our range of popular

– Upload your own photograph for a kitchen design

– Modern, easy-to-fit alternative to kitchen tiles, less durable materials and wallpaper

– Industry-leading glass printing process – fade-free when placed above kitchen appliances

Our glass can be cut to accommodate cooker hoods, niches and oddly shaped spaces, as well as sockets and switches. The sleek effect will lift your kitchen to another level, with an impressive bespoke appearance.

At GH Interionr Glass, we offer beautiful, top quality made to measure printed and coloured glass splashbacks for your kitchens and bathrooms. We also stock a wide range of standard size glass splashbacks or you can choose a made to measure splashback.

Coloured Glass Splashbacks – Coloured splashbacks are manufactured by spraying onto the back of the toughened glass giving a perfect high quality finish. You can choose from a wide range of popular colours or you can even give us a custom colour for us to colour match

Printed Glass Splashbacks – We can print almost any image onto glass. This gives you a bespoke splashback that bring a real sense of identity to your kitchen or bathroom. The image can be one of your own, or you can choose one from our library or a stock photography website such as Shutterstock.

Toughened glass is a superb splashback material, as it is heat resistant, antibacterial, available in any colour and easy to fit sockets and switches into.

Prior to manufacturing and painting, a template is often created since toughening renders glass incapable of being cut. Even if this lengthens the installation process, the outcomes are always worthwhile.

We are able to match any colour you specify as a reference because glass is custom painted. If you are unclear of the exact colour, we can also create samples from a few nearby hues to aid you in making the identification. It can be an opportunity to add some colour and personality to your design.

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