GLASS ROOFLIGHTS | 28 January 2024

With their stylish appearance and ability to increase the amount of natural daylight in a space, rooflights can be beneficial to the aesthetics of a building – providing a stunning focal point to both the interior and exterior.

Our glass rooflights show minimal framework, ensuring clean lines and a stylish, contemporary appearance. Many products can sit flush with the roof, and options are available with retracting glass sections – this creates a completely clear opening and maximises the sense of space.

By opening up the roof, rooflights can also help to ‘bring the outdoors inside’, a favourite technique for interior designers, as it can make an interior feel larger and more comfortable.

Glass Rooflights are highly effective in internal rooms where external windows are far away or too small to bring enough light. Glass Rooflights are also beneficial if side windows are restricted due to neighbouring properties.

At GH Interior Glass, we can help you create an all year round living space. Using the latest in glass technology, our expert team of rooflight specialists can provide double and triple glazed products to ensure your space remains warm in the winter and cool during the hotter months. All our work complies with British Standards and Building Regulations: our quality service is guaranteed.


Our bespoke minimal frame Flat Rooflight design creates a beautiful aesthetic external look, completely frameless internally to bring the much needed outdoor feel for your living and work spaces. Custom made frames also allow us to build around existing old structures or makes endless possibilities with new builds.


Structural Glass Walk-on Rooflight designed to provide a ‘frameless’ internal view that maximises daylight inside the building. Walk-On Rooflights are the perfect solution for roof terraces, or similar roofing areas, where there are likely to be pedestrians. These rooflights are specifically designed for strength while still providing high levels of natural daylight


Pyramid Rooflights are designed to provide an ultimate and unrivalled view from your home. The slim line design and aluminium frame gives the product a sleek appearance whilst maximising the use of light and space.  Extruded aluminium section polyester powder coated to any standard RAL colour

If you have any queries relating to glass Rooflights, we would love to be of assistance. We offer free, no-obligation site surveys and advice to all prospective clients; we work in London and the Home Counties.

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