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Glass Partitions London | 11 February 2021

Toughened glass provides a light and modern solution for partitions offering the feeling of additional space as opposed to solid walls. However, if privacy is needed sandblasted, coloured or acoustic laminates are perfect.

Who’d have thought that glass partitions could liven up the office and make it more professional? Here at GH Interior Glass, we provide high-quality internal glass partitions that can be tailored to suit the style and size of your office. For a cost-effective solution, consider our glass wall partitions. We can help you to save energy and money. As well as this, tempered glass partitions can provide privacy within the office, whether it’s for meetings or general use. If you need something that’s more hard-wearing and offers resistance to impact, you could benefit from one of our toughened glass partitions!

Glass partitions can offerthe perfect office solution:

– Clear, low iron, tint and satin glass available

– Thicknesses range from 10-19mm

– Cut-outs and holes available for fittings

– Numerous fittings and channels available

Single Glazed Partitions

With a sleek and minimal design, our single glazed partition systems suit a range of acoustic and aesthetic requirements.

Double Glazed Partitions

Beautifully designed and cleverly engineered, our stunning partitioning systems achieve unbeatable acoustic ratings.

Glass partitions from GH Interior Glass are the sophisticated, aesthetic statement of modernity. Glass room dividers fulfill the need for privacy yet complement a feeling of space with visual continuity. The glass walls modules are held by clear dry joints creating seamless contours. Lighting and creative manifestations such as pictures, and colour palettes add style and panache to the final design. Combinations of structural components produce a unique, flexible and technologically advanced environment.

The advantages of ease of installation of glass partitions make them the obvious choice for glass room dividers in modern homes. Property owners refurbishing their homes with glass partitions create an attractive environment for living. 

Designing glass partitions to transform a studio into a one bedroom flat whilst maintaining a light and airy modern feeling. Sleeping and living areas can be separated, a dark kitchen opened up, a home office created or a large space divided up inside a barn. In new buildings, the head and floor track can be concealed in grooves or in older ones a minimalistic effect can be obtained by coating the head and wall channels to match the ceiling and walls. Replacing a solid dividing partition with a glass partition creates instant light and spacious feeling whilst still maintaining separation. At GH Interior Glass, we will tailor the glass partition to suit the amount of natural light, corporate identity, fire and safety procedures, and your total budget. We offer a free estimate where we identify and show you the best way of utilising glass partitions in your space, so feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

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