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Glass Partitions – Installing Full-Height Partitions in Offices Can Help Employees Maintain a Safe Distance

Glass Partitions London | 25 October 2020

Glass partitions are an easy way to transform your space into an upscale environment. Our glass walls span a variety of shapes, sizes and finishes. Glass partitions can be as safe as they are aesthetically pleasing. Even amidst a large number of people returning to work, concerns about the spread of COVID-19 still loom. Installing full-height partitions in offices can help employees maintain a safe distance from others while still feeling like they are part of the larger office. 

Feelings of isolation have increased through quarantine, stay-at-home orders, and social distancing measures, so creating a space where people can feel connected to one another while staying safe is paramount to a healthy work environment. A full-height glazed partition system occupies the space from the floor to the ceiling rather than only partially to the ceiling.

There are numerous benefits to installing a full height glazed partition system in a modern office, including noise reduction, natural light, privacy through frosting or smart glass integration, and increased opportunities for social distancing while still feeling part of the larger space:

1. Noise Reduction

2. Natural Light

3. Privacy

4. Social Distancing

5. Modern Aesthetic

6. Flexibility

Designing glass partitions can transform living spaces whilst maintaining a light and airy modern feeling. Sleeping and living areas can be separated, a dark kitchen opened up, a home office created or a large space divided up inside a barn. In new buildings, the head and floor track can be concealed in grooves or in older ones a minimalistic effect can be obtained by coating the head and wall channels to match the ceiling and walls. Replacing a solid dividing partition with a glass partition creates instant light and spacious feeling whilst still maintaining separation. At GH Interior Glass, we will tailor the glass partition to suit the amount of natural light, corporate identity, fire and safety procedures, and your total budget. We offer a free estimate where we identify and show you the best way of utilising glass partitions in your space, so feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

As an interior design and architectural option, glass partitions allow designers and architects to divide a room, without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion. Glass walls are perfect for creating cozy and practical living space environments. When a lot of natural light fills given space, it changes how forms, shades, patterns and textures are perceived. Glass partition walls are also one of the easiest ways to update an office or commercial space.

Glass room dividers are the solution for those wanting a minimalist environment with discreet divisions of interiors, suffused with light achieving stylish partitions of space in superlative homes and deluxe hotels.

Glass partitions from GH Interior Glass are the sophisticated, aesthetic statement of modernity. Glass room dividers fulfil the need for privacy yet complement a feeling of space with visual continuity. The glass walls modules are held by clear dry joints creating seamless contours. Lighting and creative manifestations such as pictures, and colour palettes add style and panache to the final design. Combinations of structural components produce a unique, flexible and technologically advanced environment.

The advantages of ease of installation of glass partitions make them the obvious choice for glass room dividers in modern homes. Property owners refurbishing their homes with glass partitions create an attractive environment for living.

Beautiful frameless glass design installs quickly and is easy to reconfigure. Base trim remains flush with the floor because glass is levelled inside the base channel. Vertical fillers offer a clean aesthetic by eliminating the need for caulk. Our fully glazed frameless partitioning systems combine design aesthetics with outstanding fire and acoustic performance, offering specifiers the opportunity to create partitioning without vertical mullions to a maximum height of 4000mm.

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