Glass Kitchen Splashbacks


Glass Kitchen Splashbacks | 21 January 2023

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks are a prime illustration of how interior design and kitchen planning have merged. These days, kitchen glass backsplash ideas serve a more decorative purpose rather than a simply functional one—after all, they are there to protect the walls from splashes from the stove and sink. Splashbacks are frequently the first feature viewed when entering a kitchen, along with worktops, so designers are eager to make a good impression. Glass kitchen splashbacks are a prime illustration of how interior design and kitchen planning have merged. It has been elevated from a strictly functional role—after all, the purpose is to shield the walls from splashes from the stove and sink.

Designers are determined to make it count because, aside from worktops, it’s frequently the first feature noted when entering a kitchen. Since vertical surfaces have a huge architectural impact and there is currently a genuine demand for experimentation, choosing glass kitchen splashbacks is an important decision in a project. Wallpapers and artwork encased in resin bronze are both commonplace.

To create a statement, choose a graphic print or photo image on a glass splashback. Your sink area will stand out from the rest of your kitchen the moment you use it to form a feature wall in a neutral kitchen design. Use common home cleaners to clean the installation after it has been sealed. To keep your polished stone looking shiny, buff it frequently after cleaning. 

Make a statement with your Glass Kitchen Splashbacks that will stand out on a white background. If you have a modern kitchen, pick a surface that is glossy and smooth. Ask for a sample to compare because a splashback that looks wonderful in a showroom might not look the same in your home with your lighting.

Utilize low-iron toughened glass to add another dimension to your glass splashback. Add illumination for glass with a sophisticated twist. Include a thin, ready-made LED frame. Choose lighting that will transition from ambient warm tones when you’re dining or relaxing afterward to cool white light when you’re cooking. Who said a kitchen should be neutral? While maintaining the ultramodern aesthetic of the units and worktop, a lime green sleek glass splashback brings a pop of vibrant colour to this grey and white kitchen.

Using a swatch of luxury wallpaper, fabric or a painted pattern is an easy way to inject colour and life into a kitchen design. Covered with toughened glass, making sure it’s low iron to avoid a greenish tinge. Alternatively, keep wallpaper completely moisture-free, and prevent it from coming away from the wall, by sandwiching between two sheets of glass.

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks are a lovely, easy-to-clean surface unhampered by the grout of a tiled splashback. Its subtle sheen also makes it an attractive choice.

Glass Kitchen Splashbacks | 21 January 2023

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