Glass Balustrades | 7 May 2023

The ultimate in open space, frameless glass balustrades (also known as “structural glass”) have nothing to obstruct the view.

Their durability is due to the use of toughened, laminated glass that is thicker. They can be installed in a channel that is permanent to the floor surface or recessed below floor level so that none of the support hardware is visible without the need for upright supports.

A glass balustrade is a “fence” composed of glass panels with balusters or other supports on occasion. These balustrades are often used in commercial and residential settings to offer a safety barrier on areas like balconies, staircases, terraces, or decking. However, you can also utilise them as a stunning ornamental accent to give your room a modern, premium feel. Whether your project is home or commercial, internal or exterior, our well-liked Glass Balustrades are the finest way to give modern flare and a minimalist style.

Typically, garden fence comprises of concrete or wood uprights that are securely fastened in the ground. After that, the fence components are screwed or otherwise attached to the uprights.Solid fence panels are the best choice for dividing gardens between two homes since they provide a high level of security and privacy. You may divide distinct portions of your garden while still allowing light to penetrate by using trellis-style panels. Glass garden walls are a chic way to make attractive borders, provide seclusion, and block the wind.

Glass balustrades and walls may be utilised to create multiple levels and give structure to the garden without obscuring views or taking away from the visual appeal of the plantings. Glass garden walls are useful for producing boundaries and zoning that blend in with the ambient light and shadow as well as the sun and the vegetation.

A stylish approach to make beautiful borders, offer solitude, and provide protection from the wind is using glass garden walls. These innovative products are perfect for terraces and patios in bars, hotels, and recreational facilities as well as the home garden, helping you make the most of your outside space.

For more than 25 years, GH Interior Glass has been a well-known maker and manufacturer of glass garden partitions. Clear, frosted, etched, or safety glass can be used to create modern borders as a fashionable alternative to more traditional materials. You can continue to take in the view from your patio, garden, or terrace thanks to glass walls.

Our balustrades give the feeling of spaciousness while letting light in. They can totally alter any interior or outdoor project because to their extraordinary versatility.

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