Frameless Glass Partitions

Frameless Glass Partitions – Designing a Successful Workplace 

Glass Partitions London | 4 July 2020

From curves to straight lines, customisable glass partitions come in a range of design options, including sliding glass systems and the latest single and double-glazed frameless partition doors and office partition walls. Framed partitions come in numerous finishes, from stylish wood, to narrow frame aluminium systems. Whether you’re looking to improve conference room partitions or to transform the office interior layout, glazed frameless partitions can provide something to suit your needs.

Single Glazed Partition

Glazed partitions generate a light and spacious atmosphere, bringing a modern style to any office space.Tailored single glazed partitions with unique designs will help improve your brand awareness and provide practicality to your office space. Glass partitions create a contemporary atmosphere in any office, and are perfect for creating private spaces without closing up your workplace.

Double Glazed Partition

Double glazed partitions are a cost effective solution with stunning aesthetics providing the same soundproof effect as a solid wall. Double glazed systems must be installed within a frame. In addition to a perfect sound rating you can have the frameless effect. If you require the option of total visual privacy when needed, we can install hang-operable blinds.

Industrial Style Black Framed

If you would like the latest styling for your office, install an aluminium frame partition to give your working space the look that is trending now. We use aluminium sections to create any modular appearance in black, which makes a great contrast to the common minimalist aesthetic.

From glass and acoustic operable walls, windows and door systems to architectural drains and aluminium louvres, glass partitions effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Switchable glass panels can also offer the perfect balance between office transparency and privacy while promoting natural light in a space. Other design solutions can maximise storage, reduce noise and increase privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

The design possibilities are endless with frameless glazed partitioning. You can create spectacular environments and realise your creative vision without compromising on performance. Glass offers you nearly limitless possibilities for the design of your rooms. It gives your partitions a high- quality appearance and creates bright, open spaces. With its sound-proofing properties it enables you to work undisturbed and in peace, which is an ideal condition for an office.

Glass Partitions are stylish and allow light to permeate the space. They create inspirational environments where collaborative working and creativity can flourish. Glass Partitions provide transparent effective shielded office zones where concentration and privacy can be maintained. Available in either single or double glazed and with a range of glass thickness options depending on your requirements:

– Acoustic

– Fire-rated

– Toughened

– Laminated

– Combination of toughened and laminated

– Electric privacy glass

Designing a successful workplace requires flexibility, simplicity, and creativity. Installing glass partitions in the office is a perfect way to ensure that workspaces can adapt to changing demands, avoiding the limitations set by solid walls.

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