Glass Balustrades | 14 June 2023

Our frameless glass balustrades depend only on the strength of the glass that is fixed to a sturdy base rail, without any vertical supports or even a handrail. We also use thicker, heavier, super-strong laminated and toughened safety glass. This naturally makes this glass balustrading system the most expensive. The aesthetic benefit of practically unlimited expanses of transparent continuous glass, free of supports, clamps, corner posts or even the handrail’s line, is what you get in its place, though, and it is breathtaking. Looking outward, this means views that are as uninterrupted as they will probably be up until someone puts up the invisible force field. It also suggests more internal room, light, and a feature that may be incorporated into virtually any architectural or aesthetic style.

You may create and install glass partition walls, glass panels, and frameless glass balustrades within your house. Glass balustrades are the ideal way to bring light into your home and improve its aesthetic appeal. Frameless glass, sometimes referred to as structural glass, offers the greatest vistas. They use double-sheet laminated glass and a bottom support tube that may be constructed in a variety of ways. A handrail is not required, however a small eliptical rail might be attached to the top of the balustrade.

If you want a special glass solution not listed here, please contact us. To better suit your unique demands, we could modify our efforts. You can be sure that every project we work on is completed to the greatest standards since we have years of experience dealing with glass stair balustrades. We complete every one of our projects with aftercare and a warranty for your piece of mind since we understand how significant your custom balustrade is.

You can be sure that your Decking Glass Balustrade, whether it is a glass balcony balustrade or a glass patio balustrade, will be absolutely unique and unlike any other since each one is produced specifically for you. 

Do you want to upgrade your outside area? Our company could be able to assist with the construction of a stunning balcony, a fresh patio, or secure balustrades. Your outdoor space might be dramatically transformed with the help of our expert personnel. Whether you want to raise the value of your house, make your outdoor space more functional and usable, or both, we can work with you to build a space that matches your unique needs and preferences. We can alter your outside space thanks to our extensive services since we have the tools and know-how to do so.

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