Glass Partitions


Glass Partitions | 7 November 2023

For the frameless glass partition systems, GH Interior Glass offers a complete design and installation solution that is completely warranted and supported by our service department.

Designers have a virtually limitless number of alternatives for building chic, imaginative spaces that are drenched in light, whether they use straight, bold lines, facets, or delicate curves. Modern glass partitioning solutions are available from GH Interior Glass in a variety of styles. With a combination of the glass partitioning, space-saving sliding glass doors, and custom manifestation designs, the glass partitioning may be built and fitted to meet your individual needs. Glass successfully creates covered office areas where focus and creativity can flourish while allowing light to fill the workspace to create a sense of space. Our systems’ simple designs, which are available in either straight stunning lines, facets, or the most beautiful curves, emanate elegance and luxury in a variety of settings.

Single glass partitioning is made of the fewest parts possible to enable quick construction without sacrificing strength and rigidity. The silicone-jointed partitioning is almost completely frameless, with no vertical posts between modules, corners, or three-way intersections. Solid panels and frameless glass partitions can be put together to create a distinctive design element.

All glass partitions are demountable and moveable if your needs change. They can also be provided with an acoustic performance of up to 37dB. They also allow for a variety of door options, including frameless, framed, sliding, swing, etc. They can also seamlessly integrate into drywall to create a finish that is partially glazed and partially drywall.

Every frameless interior system, including single swing doors, frameless glass partitions, and partitions with integrated frameless doors, is custom designed and developed for each project to guarantee that the fixings, handles, and structure are appropriate for the use at hand. Our frameless interior system is the ideal option when you want to establish a transparent glass barrier between internal sections. Glass partitions, internal glass walls, and glass doors can all be made in a contemporary all-glass style thanks to the big glass diameters and a variety of opening door types that are available. Along with electromagnetic locking and access devices, commercial pivot boxes with hold open and soft close mechanisms can be installed with ease.

Along with a huge selection of high-quality door furnishings and fittings, we offer a wide variety of frameless glass doors, sliding glass doors, aluminum-framed glass doors, and timber veneered doors. Through our fully engaged professional installers, we offer an extensive nationwide supply and installation service that includes survey, channel, and glass installations.

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