Glass Awnings | 7 September 2023

The fantasy of enjoying a chilled beverage on your terrace while giggling with your friends and family is finally starting to come true with an Indian Summer forecast for October. Your outdoor area can be entirely transformed by the installation of a patio awning, expanding your living space while providing overhead cover for outdoor enjoyment. With the installation of a contemporary patio awning, you can enjoy spending time outdoors without worrying that the inclement weather will ruin your plans for relaxing with a book, having BBQ parties with your loved ones, or simply watching the kids play in the garden.  To provide you with some inspiration for your home, we’ve pulled together some of our favourite patio awning ideas to help you find a starting point.

In Europe, the concept of “outdoor living,” a contemporary “inside-outside” environment fusing a home and garden that allows year-round patio or garden enjoyment, rain or shine, is not at all new. The recent epidemic has raised awareness of the numerous benefits of being outside, and most people now recognise and take advantage of these benefits much more regularly. The benefits of enjoying the outdoors include improved health, higher engagement, and better contact with friends, family, and clients while working.

For your home or place of business, a glass awning is a great investment because it enhances the space and uses of the room it leaves and provides a fantastic outside setting for a number of functions. 

The bulk of the year may be spent using your outside space if you have one of our special glass verandas because cooking, drinking, socialising, working, and resting are nearly always better done outside. Due to the fact that all of our glass verandas are custom-made to each project’s specifications, budget, and requirements, we can provide three different ranges.  Your home gains a new dimension thanks to a glass awning, a distinctive outdoor area that is constantly accessible.

The glare of the sun coming in through the windows might be a constant annoyance that keeps you from enjoying your home’s comforts. A Dutch canopy, which forms a shield on the window and protects you from the weather as well as giving a fun and cosy look that you can customise whatever you like, is one of the most underestimated patio awning ideas. Use the features of contemporary patio awnings by choosing a style that can instantly fold as and when you prefer if the idea of a permanent sun screen turns you off.

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