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Decking Glass Balustrades

Give your Property a Modern Look with a Durable & Minimalistic Glass Balustrade

Decking Glass Balustrades | 20 June 2020

Now that so many of us are spending more and more time outdoors in our own homes, it’s the perfect time to start making your garden space perfect for you. Adding a balustrade to your decking area can drastically change the dynamic of your garden design for all the right reasons. Whether you require a traditional, modern, elegant or clean look, we have the perfect decking glass balustrade for you.

Pairing decking and glass balustrades is a popular choice for many people who wish to transform their outdoor space into a form of extra room. The milder weather from June to August often means that sitting, and even eating outside is an achievable dream for many. We have often helped our clients to design and build their garden balustrades to fit perfectly with their decking and garden features. 

Frameless glass is a sleek and modern look, often found in and around office buildings and public buildings for its incredibly sleek appearance. It treats those around it to an unobscured view, making it a perfect choice to pair with decking. Frameless glass balustrades are particularly choice to use if your residence or decking is coastal; the glass itself is durable and can weather the increased salt and more moisture air with none of the erosion, rust or wear and tear that can appear on metal. Frameless glass also pairs well with stone or tile decking; the combination of the two can make a space feel truly contemporary, and is often extremely practical when the outdoors is used to eat or cook.

Our Frameless Glass Balustrade system is the ultimate in style and sophistication suitable for both indoor and outdoor use on Glass balconies, Decking & Patio balustrades or even a Glass fence. The versatile system offers an aluminium base channel and glass infill it can be supplied with or without a stainless handrail giving the ultimate seamless finish.  Our contemporary glass balustrade systems are compliant with building regulations and can be customised using either clear, tinted or frosted balustrade safety glass.

Key benefits include:

– Patented adjustment system allowing horizontal alignment of each individual glass panel

– Fast Installation

– Available in various finishes including satin stainless effect and various RAL colours.

– Suitable for a range of glass sizes 12-21.5mm thickness.

– Tested & engineered to meet the strictest building regulations (with the appropriate fixing and glass thickness) in both domestic and commercial installations

Colour Options

Our Frameless Glass systems come in 4 different types, Stainless Effect, Anthracite Grey, Black and White channels.

Glass Thickness

Your glass has the thickness of 4 different options: 12mm, 15mm, 17.5mm and 21.5mm.  

20 June 2020 | Decking Glass Balustrades

Glass Partitions London

Why Choose Glass Office Partitions for your Workspace?

Glass Partitions London | 13 June 2020

Beautiful frameless glass design installs quickly and is easy to reconfigure. Base trim remains flush with the floor because glass is leveled inside the base channel. Vertical fillers offer a clean aesthetic by eliminating the need for caulk. Our fully glazed frameless partitioning systems combine design aesthetics with outstanding fire and acoustic performance, offering specifiers the opportunity to create partitioning without vertical mullions to a maximum height of 4000mm. Designing a successful workplace requires flexibility, simplicity, and creativity. Installing glass partitions in the office is a perfect way to ensure that workspaces can adapt to changing demands, avoiding the limitations set by solid walls.

Versatile Design – From curves to straight lines, customisable glass partitions come in a range of design options, including sliding glass systems and the latest single and double-glazed frameless partition doors and office partition walls. Framed partitions come in numerous finishes, from stylish wood, to narrow frame aluminium systems. Whether you’re looking to improve conference room partitions or to transform the office interior layout, glazed frameless partitions can provide something to suit your needs.

Style & Substance – From glass and acoustic operable walls, windows and door systems to architectural drains and aluminium louvres, glass partitions effortlessly blend functionality and aesthetics. Switchable glass panels can also offer the perfect balance between office transparency and privacy while promoting natural light in a space. Other design solutions can maximise storage, reduce noise and increase privacy without sacrificing aesthetics.

Glass Partitions are stylish and allow light to permeate the space. They create inspirational environments where collaborative working and creativity can flourish. Glass Partitions provide transparent effective shielded office zones where concentration and privacy can be maintained. Available in either single or double glazed and with a range of glass thickness options depending on your requirements:





Combination of toughened and laminated

Electric privacy glass

The design possibilities are endless with frameless glazed partitioning. You can create spectacular environments and realise your creative vision without compromising on performance. Glass offers you nearly limitless possibilities for the design of your rooms. It gives your partitions a high- quality appearance and creates bright, open spaces. With its sound-proofing properties it enables you to work undisturbed and in peace, which is an ideal condition for an office.

13 June 2020 | Glass Partitions London  

Glass Desk Protection Screens London

Glass Desk Protection Screens : Covid-19 Workplace Considerations

Glass Desk Protection Screens  | 6 June 2020

The workplace your business returns to will look and feel different to the one you left, but it should  still support your culture, creativity and productivity by providing a positive and tailored environment to support new ways of working and evolving business needs. The following are some examples of design solutions that facilitate added safety measures and an inspiring workplace.

Glass Protection Screens

Desk glass protection screens not only offer people within the workplace a certain level of privacy (which, until only recently, was believed to be their only sole function), they more importantly minimise the risk of transmission. The desk mounted protection screens that we can provide range from singular screens that mount to the back edge of office desks, protection screens that mount to the side of desks to header screens that clamp to most existing desk mounted screens.

Open Meeting Spaces

Meeting areas that aren’t in confined spaces allow participants to collaborate from a distance. Adjustable furniture and IT/AV mean spaces can be configured to suit each meeting without touching shared surfaces. 

Standing Furniture 

Standing has been shown to lead to more engaged participation, making meetings or collaborative work more productive. Whiteboards or screens that can be used at standing height allow employees to work together while remaining two-metres apart and without having to use shared tables. 

Planted Screens 

Screens and partitions will become commonplace in the workplace in order to safely distance employees. Walls of plants, planted shelving or large free-standing plants provide separation and added benefits like increased productivity, cleaner air and lower dust levels. 

Occupancy & Environmental Sensors 

Sensors can be used to collect non-sensitive data on space use and environmental quality. Monitoring space use will help keep occupancy levels down and provide peace of mind for users who can control things like light levels and room temperature from their personal smart phones. 


Digital solutions give the office environment an added dimension with easily customisable display and accessible connectivity. The majority of your workforce will likely continue to work from home- integrated technology will help keep your company connected no matter where your employees are located.

 6 June 2020 | Glass Desk Protection Screens


Glass Partitions London

Glass Partitions – Create a Space You Will Love

Glass Partitions London | 1 June 2020

In modern commercial offices, especially cities like London, square footage and space is at a premium. The cost of expansion is high and the inconvenience of moving is huge. For many, business interruption is too great a risk and thus, any relocation becomes a non-starter.

Glass has several properties which make it highly valued as a material for interior design. Low cost, completely transparent and strong enough to form a firm barrier, glass is perfect when you want to close off an area without shutting out light and restricting lines of sight. Consider windows. Glass is used in 99.9 per cent of windows because it lets light in, it allows us to see out, it forms a barrier to shut us in from the elements, and it does not break the bank either. A perfect match of material to purpose. The same applies to glass partitions. Glass partitions are basically internal glass walls used to define, close off and demarcate spaces. They are used when you want to differentiate between different areas without shutting in areas in completely.

As an alternative, many business owners are looking to use glass partitioning to break up rooms into more usable and adaptable spaces as a cost effective and flexible solution, with the most popular material in achieving this is being glass. With various options now available on the marketplace, glass partitions not only allow offices to become more adaptable and flexible in their application, they can also bring a whole new look and fresh appeal to what was once a drab and uninspiring interior space. The fact is, glass can really make a huge impact visually and functionally, without breaking the budget.

Here’s just some of the reasons why glass partitioning can be the ideal solution to office space and expansion issues:

Lighting – Solid stud walls create a permanent structure that is immovable which can affect the existing lighting of nearby areas, not to mention the new room created. With that, fixed artificial lighting has to be installed to the new area meaning there is no natural light coming in. With glass partitions, this is not an issue. The existing natural light can flood into the newly created partitioned area and reflect light back into other areas where low light existed, thus creating a two-fold benefit.

Modernisation – No matter how old, outdated or drab your existing office feels, glass partitions never fail to modernise how a space looks and give it a contemporary feel. And this can really prove to be a huge boost to morale and productiveness in your workforce.

Cost – Contrary to what many people belief, glass partitions are actually very cost effective when compared to the investment required to install fixed, structural partitions. With their naturally tendency to insulate and absorb light, rooms using glass tend to be much warmer than people realise.

Styles – No two glass partitions are the same! Nowadays, there are various finishes available to give your office a unique look including frosted, tinted and coloured glass, thus making it possible to create customised and branded private areas without cutting off the rest of the workroom floor entirely, even in busy areas.

Noise – High quality glass partitions are very good at reducing background noise. With their toughened double glazed structure, they are naturally much better at soundproofing than traditional stud wall partitions.

Flexibility – With the help of a professional designer and installer, glass partitions do not necessarily have to stay in any fixed position. Many systems allow them to be moved or slid into different places, making them adaptable to create customised partitioned areas to suit your needs for any given scenario. So your rooms can be either as large or as small as you desire.

Having installed countless glass partitioning systems over the years, I have seen first hand just how much of a positive impact they can have on any commercial space. Glass is a brilliant material for adding impact but it also comes with all of the added benefits mentioned above. It’s a great choice for any office owner struggling to find usable space where they feel they are outgrowing their environment and moving is simply not an option.

If you feel your office is not working for your business anymore, perhaps glass partitions should be your next consideration.

1 June 2020 | Glass Partitions London