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Decking Glass Balustrades

Decking Glass Balustrades that add Elegance to the Garden

Decking Glass Balustrades London | 20 May 2020

Partitions and fencing not only helps secure your property, it also acts as a key design element when planning your new garden landscape. Partitions and fencing comes in a range or styles and materials offering privacy, while also helping define different areas of your garden.

Traditional garden fencing consists of concrete or wood uprights which are securely embedded into the ground. The fence panels are then inserted or attached to the uprights. Solid fence panels are ideal for separating gardens between two properties giving you a good level of privacy and security. Trellis style panels are great for dividing different areas of your garden while still allowing light through. Glass garden partitions offer a stylish way to provide privacy, shelter from wind and create attractive borders.

Achieve structure and multiple levels in the garden with glass walls and glass balustrades without interrupting views or interfering with the aesthetics of the planting. Glass garden partitions are excellent for zoning and creating boundaries which blend harmoniously into the areas of sunshine and greenery, light and shade.

Glass garden partitions are a stylish way to provide privacy, shelter from wind and create attractive borders. Ideal for both the home garden as well as terraces and patios for bars, hotels and leisure centres these innovative products will help you to make the most of your outdoor space.

GH Interior Glass has been providing glass solutions for over 25 years and is a leading supplier and manufacturer of glass garden partitions. Clear, frosted, etched or safety glass allow you to create modern borders that create a stylish alternative to traditional options. If your garden, terrace or patio has a great view then glass partitions let you continue to enjoy it.

Decking Glass Balustrades London

Sneeze Screens London

Glass Sneeze Screens: Put the Health & Safety of Staff and Customers First with a Sneeze Guard

Glass Sneeze Screens London | 10 May 2020

This month the government released a document of guidelines around workplace safety as the UK workforce contemplates the idea of going back to work after the country enters the very initial phases of lifting its lockdown. Although most will continue to work from home for now, safety is at the forefront of everybody’s minds, with sneeze guards and desk protection screens seeming like a favourable solution for a COVID-secure workplace.

The official government guidelines published promote new suggested measures put in place to keep employees safe, healthy and well-separated. This includes 2-metre social distancing floor markings, staggered working hours and distanced, outdoor meetings where video conference calls aren’t possible. Glass sneeze screens are also something that look to become commonplace in the post-pandemic workplace.

Glass Sneeze Screens: put the health & safety of staff and customers first with a sneeze guard. Elegantly designed glass protective barriers and sneeze screens made to custom sizes to meet your requirements. Protect yourself and the people around you against SARS-CoV-2: a protective screen made of glass can lower the risk of infection through airborne droplets.

For shops, restaurants, offices with receptions or other companies where employees are in face-to-face contact with customers or visitors, our glass sneeze guards are custom solutions, designed with the customer in mind. This allows us the freedom to produce the perfect glass sneeze counter to meet your protection needs. 

GH Interior Glass has been providing glass solutions for over 25 years and is a leading supplier and manufacturer of sneeze guards and cough guard screens. A robust cough/sneeze guard will protect staff whilst visually and practically fitting the space. Our sneeze guard screens are available in a number of sizes and styles, with or without transaction cut-outs, as well as bespoke sizes, to fit your space perfectly.

Protective cough barriers reduce the risk of infection from coughing and sneezing. Protect employees who must interact with customers at receptions, counters or tills. 

Glass Sneeze Screens London