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Glass Partitions London

Glass Partitions For Your Office Space

Glass Partitions London | 26 January 2020

With glass walls, business owners can create the most comfortable and safe working conditions for employees. The installation of partitions in the office allows maintaining the natural level of lighting. Besides, a combination of glass and metal hardware contributes to the improvement of the interior. Design possibilities are unlimited, for all types of modern office space. Therefore, glass partitions for offices gain more and more admirers.

GH Interior Glass partition structures made of glass are more preferable for office premises due to aesthetic and operational parameters. Compared to fixed walls, partitions are easy to install and can be removed if necessary without much interference with the supporting base of the building. Glass structures have a minimum load factor. Therefore, such partitions will not create an excessive load on the ceiling of the office building, which has a positive impact on the safety of redevelopment.

Main advantages of glass office walls includes:

– Ease of installation  

– Minimum weight load  

– Attractive appearance  

– Increase in natural light flow   

In addition to these advantages, glass walls create an elevated look for the office. Metal and glass hardware used always undergo a quality check before the installation. After all, the processing technology involves the use of high-precision equipment, which eliminates the possibility of visual defects.

Custom Office Steel Glass Partitions – Custom steel partitions go under many names – French doors, crittall screens, grid partitions, but the essence is always the same – these partitions are the most inspiring product on the market. Fully custom-made, steel partitions are always produced to order. We provide inclusive service from initial design to installation.

Aluminium Office Glass Partitions – Aluminum and glass partition system is one of the most flexible systems on the market that can be used in spaces with open ceilings. It is also highly flexible in terms of design as the special construction of the aluminum profile allows combining it into various patterns.

Frameless Office Glass Partitions – Minimal frame provides maximum daylight. More glass and less frame also means open sightlines and better visibility. Frameless glass walls are best combined with swing and sliding glass doors depending on the configuration of the space and customer’s needs.

Glass Partitions London | 26 January 2020

Glass Partitions London

Benefits of Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions London | 17 January 2020

GH Interior Glass designs and installs aluminum and frameless glass walls, glass wall systems, glass partitions and glass dividers for homes and offices.

Glass walls can be installed with swing, bi-folding or sliding glass door and be either fixed or retractable. When it comes to the construction of homes and offices, more people are opting to incorporate the modern style of using glass rather than using permanent walls, partitions, or dividers. 

While office managers opt to use these styles in order to enhance the performance of employees, homeowners who use them are often looking for elegance and classic designs. You will find a variety of glass types that you can choose from. This gives you unique options based on the look you are going for as well as the decor in your office or home.  

Benefits of glass partitions include:

Natural lighting – Glass walls, partitions, or dividers are used to create an open space for natural light. Most people find such an environment more impressive and welcoming. The room looks more spacious and attractive.

Modern look – Most people are attracted to glass partitions due to their aesthetic value. Glasses come in varying styles and designs so you can choose whichever suits your taste and preference. Glass is bound to create a more appealing office and home style. You can also pick the color that is compatible with the logo of your company.

Practicality – Glass partitions are a practical way of dividing your office space or home. If you need to expand the rooms or change their style in future, you can easily uninstall the glass partitions and reinstall them as you need. This is brought about by the flexibility of this partitioning style.

Cost effectiveness – Everyone is looking to get the most value out of his or her money. This means that people are always looking out for a way to save even if it is a dollar. Glass partitions are a cost effective way that allows you to save some of your construction money because they are cheaper than jumbo and permanent walls. What’s more, glass partitioned rooms eliminate the need for artificial lighting, which could increase your expenditure on utility bills. In addition to reducing lighting costs, the partitions will also make your office more energy efficient, thus reducing its carbon footprint.

Privacy – This is particularly essential for office spaces because personnel have to hold meetings, take important phone calls, and enhance their work efficiency. Glass partitions are the best way to create a professional work environment. Employees can work privately under minimal disruptions and you can hold meetings without dealing with noisy shared offices. Some offices also partition their conference rooms to allow them to hold various meetings privately.

Enhanced productivity – Unlike opaque partitions, glass partitions are a perfect way to boost the performance of employees. This is because most of them will fear that they are being scrutinized and end up being more productive. The personnel are also likely to be more accountable.

Ease of maintenance – Glass is easy to clean and maintain since you only need a cleaning solution and a microfiber cloth.  

Common applications – Glass partitions, walls, and dividers are commonly used in homes and commercial places. At home, you may use glass to create a luxurious and spacious home office with natural lighting. Most conference rooms will have glass partitions or sliding glass doors to avoid disturbance. This is because everyone will see that the room is occupied and that there is a meeting in progress. Glass partitions are a cheaper way of creating commercial offices with the aim of achieving all the above benefits. Shops and other business places have also adapted this style to create doors and entranceways.  

With the glass walls from GH Interior Glass, you no longer have to deal with foot traffic that could distract you. As a result, you get to enjoy a healthy working environment.

Glass Partitions London | 17 January 2020



Glass Partitions London

Frameless Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions London | 11 January 2020

GH Interior Glass offers a wide range of the latest Glass Partitions systems. The glass partitioning can be designed and installed to your own, unique requirements with a combination of the glass partitioning, space saving sliding glass doors and bespoke manifestation designs.

Glass allows light to flood the workplace to create an atmosphere of space, yet effectively provides shielded office zones where concentration and creativity may flourish. Available in either straight striking lines, facets, or the most graceful curves, our systems’ minimalist forms exude elegance and luxury in all kinds of surroundings.

Single glass partitioning is designed with minimum components, to facilitate speedy erection without compromising strength and rigidity. The partitioning is silicone jointed yet is a virtually frameless system with no vertical posts between modules, corners or three way junctions. Frameless glass partitions can be installed in conjunction with solid panels to complete a unique design feature.

Benefits of the frameless glass partitions:

– All glass partitions are demountable and can be relocated if your requirements change

– Can be provided with acoustic performance up to 37dB

– Allows for a range of door options such as frameless, framed, sliding, swing, etc.

– Can seamlessly integrate into drywall to create a combination of part drywall, part glazed finish

Each frameless interior system, whether single swing doors, frameless glass partitions, or partitions with integrated frameless doors, is bespoke designed and detailed per project to ensure fixings, handles and construction suits each individual application and project. When you are looking to create a clear glass barrier between internal areas our frameless interior system is the perfect choice.

With large glass sizes and a wide range of opening door types available you can create glass partitions, internal glass walls and glass doors all in a modern all glass design. Commercial pivot boxes with hold open and soft close mechanisms can be easily integrated along with electromagnetic locking and access equipment.

GH Interior Glass provides a full design and installation service for the frameless glass partitions systems fully warranted and backed up by our service department.

Glass Partitions London | 11 January 2020

Glass Partitions London

Glass Partitions for the Home

Glass Partitions London | 5 January 2020

In 2020 glass partitions are set to continue to be very popular for zoning space in studio apartments. They allow you to maximize the efficiency of the living space. With their help, you can separate kitchen, eating area, wardrobe, bedroom, home office, living room and even shower, and bathroom.

As an interior design and architecural option, glass partitions allow designers and architects to divide a room, without sacrificing floor space and light diffusion. Glass walls are perfect for creating cozy and practical living space environments. When a lot of natural light fills given space, it changes how forms, shades, patterns and textures are perceived. Glass partition walls are also one of the easiest ways to update an office or commercial space.

Glass room dividers are the solution for those wanting a minimalist environment with discreet divisions of interiors, suffused with light achieving stylish partitions of space in superlative homes and deluxe hotels. 

Glass partitions from GH Interior Glass are the sophisticated, aesthetic statement of modernity. Glass room dividers fulfill the need for privacy yet complement a feeling of space with visual continuity. The glass walls modules are held by clear dry joints creating seamless contours. Lighting and creative manifestations such as pictures, and colour palettes add style and panache to the final design. Combinations of structural components produce a unique, flexible and technologically advanced environment.

The advantages of ease of installation of glass partitions make them the obvious choice for glass room dividers in modern homes. Property owners refurbishing their homes with glass partitions create an attractive environment for living. 

Designing glass partitions to transform a studio into a one bedroom flat whilst maintaining a light and airy modern feeling. Sleeping and living areas can be separated, a dark kitchen opened up, a home office created or a large space divided up inside a barn. In new buildings, the head and floor track can be concealed in grooves or in older ones a minimalistic effect can be obtained by coating the head and wall channels to match the ceiling and walls. Replacing a solid dividing partition with a glass partition creates instant light and spacious feeling whilst still maintaining separation. At GH Interior Glass, we will tailor the glass partition to suit the amount of natural light, corporate identity, fire and safety procedures, and your total budget. We offer a free estimate where we identify and show you the best way of utilising glass partitions in your space, so feel free to contact us for an initial consultation.

Glass Partitions London | 5 January 2020