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Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions – Go Frameless for a Simple, Clean Aesthetic

Frameless partitions are  characterised by the use of “dry joints” between glass panes, two or more glass modules can be installed between floor and ceiling profiles with corner and 3 way vertical joints to match. Glass of different thicknesses, or colour, or acoustic characteristics can be used to achieve high specifications and an open look, with matching glass doors or contrasting solid doors.

Dry joints can be of a minimal clear appearance or alternatively a contrasting solid finish, usually aluminium. These dry-joints would generally match the glass thickness to ensure modularity for the project and ease of use when re-used in future moves and changes of the partition layout.

Fully glazed frameless walls offer:

• A simple and elegant design

• Easy to assemble

• Short delivery time for standard solutions

• Standard components

• Flexible and quick door frame assembly

• It is possible to replace the door frame if the end user may one day wish to change a glass door into a wooden door or vice versa.

• Provided that the same module width for door and glass is selected, the door can easily be moved.



Beautiful frameless glass design installs quickly and is easy to reconfigure. Base trim remains flush with the floor because glass is leveled inside the base channel. Vertical fillers offer a clean aesthetic by eliminating the need for caulk. Our fully glazed frameless partitioning systems combine design aesthetics with outstanding fire and acoustic performance, offering specifiers the opportunity to create partitioning without vertical mullions to a maximum height of 4000mm.



• Available in three widths, Single Glazed, 58mm Double Glazed and 105mm Double Glazed to suit project requirements

• Integration with Metal Ceiling Systems

• Provides up to ± 25mm of deflection, using a 2-part deflection head

• Provides a seamless integration into drywall, to create a part glazed, part drywall installation

• A variety of head and base tracks to meet specification demands

• Offered in a large variety of paint finishes

• Can be used for atrium glazing



• Up to 60 minutes Integrity and Insulation

• Can be specified and installed to meet the demands of 30/0, 30/30, 60/0, 60/30 and 60/60

• Tested and independently certified to BS 476



System 8000 can be specified to a range of acoustic performance characteristics, tested to BS 20140 can provide up to 49dB if required.

• Single Glazed up to 37dB

• 58mm Double Glazed up to 45dB

• 105mm Double Glazed up to 47dB


For further details, please contact a member of the technical team.

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions – Add Impact & Improve Your Workspace

Glass has several properties which make it highly valued as a material for interior design. Low cost, completely transparent and strong enough to form a firm barrier, glass is perfect when you want to close off an area without shutting out light and restricting lines of sight. Consider windows. Glass is used in 99.9 per cent of windows because it lets light in, it allows us to see out, it forms a barrier to shut us in from the elements, and it does not break the bank either. A perfect match of material to purpose. The same applies to glass partitions. Glass partitions are basically internal glass walls used to define, close off and demarcate spaces. They are used when you want to differentiate between different areas without shutting in areas in completely.

In modern commercial offices, especially cities like London, square footage and space is at a premium. The cost of expansion is high and the inconvenience of moving is huge. For many, business interruption is too great a risk and thus, any relocation becomes a non-starter.

As an alternative, many business owners are looking to use glass partitioning to break up rooms into more usable and adaptable spaces as a cost effective and flexible solution, with the most popular material in achieving this is being glass. With various options now available on the marketplace, glass partitions not only allow offices to become more adaptable and flexible in their application, they can also bring a whole new look and fresh appeal to what was once a drab and uninspiring interior space. The fact is, glass can really make a huge impact visually and functionally, without breaking the budget.

Here’s just some of the reasons why glass partitioning can be the ideal solution to office space and expansion issues:

1. Lighting

Solid stud walls create a permanent structure that is immovable which can affect the existing lighting of nearby areas, not to mention the new room created. With that, fixed artificial lighting has to be installed to the new area meaning there is no natural light coming in. With glass partitions, this is not an issue. The existing natural light can flood into the newly created partitioned area and reflect light back into other areas where low light existed, thus creating a two-fold benefit.

2. Modernisation

No matter how old, outdated or drab your existing office feels, glass partitions never fail to modernise how a space looks and give it a contemporary feel. And this can really prove to be a huge boost to morale and productiveness in your workforce.

3. Cost

Contrary to what many people belief, glass partitions are actually very cost effective when compared to the investment required to install fixed, structural partitions. With their naturally tendency to insulate and absorb light, rooms using glass tend to be much warmer than people realise.

4. Styles

No two glass partitions are the same! Nowadays, there are various finishes available to give your office a unique look including frosted, tinted and coloured glass, thus making it possible to create customised and branded private areas without cutting off the rest of the workroom floor entirely, even in busy areas.

5. Noise

High quality glass partitions are very good at reducing background noise. With their toughened double glazed structure, they are naturally much better at soundproofing than traditional stud wall partitions.

6. Flexibility

With the help of a professional designer and installer, glass partitions do not necessarily have to stay in any fixed position. Many systems allow them to be moved or slid into different places, making them adaptable to create customised partitioned areas to suit your needs for any given scenario. So your rooms can be either as large or as small as you desire.

Having installed countless glass partitioning systems over the years, I have seen first hand just how much of a positive impact they can have on any commercial space. Glass is a brilliant material for adding impact but it also comes with all of the added benefits mentioned above. It’s a great choice for any office owner struggling to find usable space where they feel they are outgrowing their environment and moving is simply not an option.

If you feel your office is not working for your business anymore, perhaps glass partitions should be your next consideration.

glass partitions

Glass Partitions – Fire Rated

GH Interior Glass is one of the UK’s leading specialist suppliers of interior fit-out glass products. As part of our glass partition offering, which includes a tried and trusted design led range of systems, we also offer a range of Fire Screen partition solutions. Our dedicated team of specialists will work closely with architects, designers and contractors to ensure the product meets with the necessary fire performance requirements, without compromising on the style and finish of the design. The high performance range of fire resistant steel or aluminium systems offer up to 2 hours for integrity and insulation and all products meet regulatory requirement BS471-20 / EN1364-1, and come with a complimentary range of door solutions.

Fire rated glass partitions are ideal for buildings which need to meet stringent building regulations, and in general working environments to protect the safety and wellbeing of others. Unlike historical fire screens which were solid wall based, these toughened, fire rated glass systems are stylish in design and allow segregation of escape routes, allowing the safe exit of a building. We will work with you to ensure that the system meets performance requirements. 

• Fire rating of up to 120 mins

• Single or double doors, including double action doors

• Framed, butt jointed and curtain wall applications

• Screens up to 4m high

• Door leaf up to 1400mm wide (3.5m2) max

• Door leaf up to 2950mm high (3.5m2) max

• Integral blinds available

• Acoustic ratings to achieve clients requirements

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions for Commercial Interiors

Glass partition systems help create dynamic interiors that provide both top-notch functionality, outstanding acoustics and beautiful aesthetics.

Glass Partitions – Single Glazed

Single glazed partitions are unobtrusive and completely customizable. This freedom of versatility makes them perfect for the design oriented space. Single Glazed Glass Partitions are an aesthetically superior alternative to solid walls and a premium choice for organizing and dividing interior commercial spaces. Some features include: full height floor to ceiling applications, faceted or curved configuration options, custom graphics and textures, dry jointed glazed installation and fully demountable.

Aluminium track can accommodate tempered, laminated, low iron and LCD glazing and may be of standard or custom RAL colour. The track may also be of a straight or curved configuration. LCD, pivot, sliding and hinged doors may be installed. Wood and glass doors are all compatible within a single glazed system. The single glazed system frame may be recessed into the wall giving a modern clean glass to wall break. If you prefer the more traditional look, the standard frame can be installed in the opening visibly framing the glazing. Frameless glass partitions are engineered to meet the technical specifications of Architects and Design professionals. Some features include: full height floor to ceiling applications, faceted or curved configuration options, custom graphics and textures, high quality hardware and fittings.

Glass Partitions – Double Glazed

Double Glazed frameless partitions produce outstanding acoustics ratings & exceptional privacy capabilities with the option of electrically-operated blinds.

Our acoustic frameless double glazed glass partitions provide the transparency of glass yet the acoustic rating of a solid wall, this system is ideal for interior offices, conference rooms, meeting rooms and atriums. Optional fire resistance rated assemblies provide up to a rating of 60 minutes. Aluminium track can accommodate tempered, laminated, low iron and LCD glazing and may be of standard or custom RAL colour. The track may also be of a straight or curved configuration. Pivot, sliding and hinged doors may be installed. Wood, steel, aluminum and glass doors are all compatible within the double glazed system.

Glass Partitions – Freestanding

Free standing glass partitions act as a glass cubicle, making it easy to divide office sections without taking up the entire vertical space. Free standing glass partition systems offer the utmost versatility in creating and customising rooms. These systems stand independently in combination with stainless steel components and toughened glass panels. The need for head fixing is not required in most applications, single point wall and floor fixings are all that are needed. The system accommodates tempered, laminated, low-iron and LCD glazing, and may also be of a straight, angled or curved configuration. LCD, pivot, sliding and hinged doors may be installed. Wood and glass doors are all compatible within the free standing system. The fittings may be of a brushed finish, standard RAL colour or a custom RAL colour.

Glass Partitions – High Wall

High wall glass partitions push the boundaries of spaces where glazing can be applied. The these oversized glass walls can can go well over 25 feet. These systems offer a flexible and modular separation of spaces with a contemporary look. It’s design allows for the movement/reconfiguration/relocation the connection elements without making holes in the main support structure. These systems offer an innovative, contemporary looking, complete supporting interior partition system based on the concept of structural facades with the use of vertical aluminium track. The system is a completely versatile and suitable for different needs and environments through the widest spectrum of possible combinations. Glass, poly-carbonate and wood are all compatible with the support components. All perimeters are fastened to solid walls.  Configurations can be straight, angled or curved. LCD, pivot, sliding and hinged doors may be installed.  

Glass Partitions – Modular

Modular glass partitions use click-in technology to deliver design and functionality with the simplest installation. These systems offer pre-assembled units that quickly go into place and allow you to use your newly created space in record time. The pre-assembled units reduce site labour costs as well as material waste. The system allows the use of gypsum board without the mess of joint compounds and sanding. It also allows for the use of glass, wood, laminates, melamine facings and vinyl. These systems also accommodate tempered, laminated, low iron and LCD glazing, and may also be of a straight, angled or curved configuration. LCD, pivot, sliding and hinged doors may be installed. Wood and glass doors are all compatible within the free standing system. The fittings may be of an aluminium finish, standard RAL colour or a custom RAL colour.

Glass Partitions

Glass Partitions – Make Your Walls Work For You

Office walls can be so much more than mere walls. You can turn them into a versatile storage system or you can make them come and go as you please. Storage walls and movable walls can make working spaces work even harder.



The most efficient working spaces are clear of clutter, yet everything the team needs to perform at its best is ready to hand. Storage walls include robust workspace partitioning systems that store everything from personal belongings to building plans. There’s no wasted space: wherever you create a room division, that’s where you place your coats, files, coffee makers, and AV equipment. The range of lockers, cabinets, hangers, and shelving units is huge – as is the choice of finishes, locks, turn handles, knobs, and pull handles.



Wherever people come together for meetings, training, or private functions, there’s a need for flexibility – for spaces that grow or shrink to suit the purpose and the head count. With movable walls you can make any space multifunctional. You can create an interior that instantly responds to rapidly changing commercial and hospitality needs.



Reduce door and window installation times with ready-made frames. Just fit an expandable frame into the opening and the job’s done. There’s no making good afterwards and no need to finish the actual frame. All fixings are hidden from view.